Facebook Ads in Review for a Long Time: Quick Solutions to Speed Up the Process

Advertising on Facebook is a common strategy for businesses looking to boost their online presence and reach potential customers. While the platform offers a robust system for deploying ads, advertisers may sometimes encounter extended review times.

When an ad is submitted, Facebook’s review process checks every element, including images, text, and the intended landing pages, to ensure compliance with its advertising policies.

Facebook ads sit in review, stagnant for a long time

The normal review period for a Facebook ad typically takes less than 24 hours, but there are instances where ads can get stuck in review for an unexpectedly long time. Factors contributing to lengthy reviews range from ad content violations to simple oversights in the ad creation process.

It’s important for users to understand the nuances of ad account management and review procedures to minimize approval delays.

For advertisers, the waiting period for ad approval can be a time of uncertainty, especially when campaigns are time-sensitive. If changes are made to the ad or the ad set during the review period, this can reset the review clock, further prolonging the process. Being mindful of ad content and the timing of edits can help streamline the review and get campaigns up and running smoothly.

Understanding the Ad Review Process

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The section dives into the Facebook ad review process, dissecting the components, potential delay causes, and steps for when ads are excessively delayed.

Key Components of the Review System

Facebook’s ad review system is a blend of automated and manual scrutiny designed to ensure compliance with Advertising Policies. The automated system initially assesses ads based on community standards and guidelines. However, ads may also be escalated to human reviewers for further evaluation, introducing a layer of human judgment.

Common Reasons for Delays

Delays can occur due to a number of factors, including ad content violations or peak periods. Infractions against Facebook’s guidelines prompt a more thorough inspection, slowing the review phase. Furthermore, during high traffic times, the volume can strain the system, leading to longer review times.

What to Do When Ads Are in Review for Too Long

If ads are stuck in review for more than 24 hours, advertisers have options. They can check the Help Center for ad review delays or directly force a review through the platform. Additionally, reaching out to Facebook support via chat support can expedite the resolution process.

Ensuring Your Ad Meets Facebook’s Guidelines

Creating an engaging ad campaign that complies with Facebook’s advertising guidelines is crucial for approval. Advertisers must be familiar with the rules to avoid long review times and rejections.

Advertising Policies and Prohibited Content

Facebook has established advertising policies aimed at protecting its community. Ads must not contain explicit imagery, promote hate speech, or engage in discrimination. Prohibited content extends to certain products and the portrayal of personal attributes in a negative light.

Creating Compliant Ads

To build a compliant ad, start with clear and truthful ad text paired with high-quality images or video. The ad’s landing page should also reflect the campaign’s content, ensuring a seamless user experience. It’s imperative for one’s ad copy to align with the rules set by Facebook’s guidelines.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Common pitfalls include violating policies by using images that may trigger the automated review to flag content. Advertisers should avoid personal attributes in their ad campaigns, as targeting individuals directly can lead to rejection. Staying aware of the guidelines will prevent most causes of ad compliance issues.

Troubleshooting and Resolving Issues

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When a Facebook ad gets stuck in review, business owners often need effective strategies to resolve the issue. This section provides succinct ways to address the delay and ensure their ads are back in operation.

Contacting Facebook Business Support

Business owners can reach out directly to Facebook Business Support for assistance if their ad is in review longer than usual. Using the “Contact Support” button found on the Facebook Ads Manager or the Meta Business Help Center allows them to connect with a support rep. Getting help from a professional can fast-track the resolution of review delays.

Revising and Resubmitting Your Ad

If an ad is stuck in review, making revisions and resubmitting it can prompt the review process to restart. Review key components of your ad such as images, text, and targeting for adherence to Facebook’s Advertising Policies before re-submitting. Remember to note your Ad ID for reference and to track changes made to your ad in the editing phase.

Understanding Account and Ad Violations

Understanding the reasons behind ad rejections is crucial for resolving review issues. Business owners can visit the Facebook Account Quality page to see if their ad or account has violated any policies. In cases of violation, complying with Facebook’s guidelines and rectifying the issues may lift any restrictions placed on the ad or account.

Advanced Ad Strategies and Best Practices

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With the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, it’s crucial for marketers to refine their Facebook ad strategies. Here are some advanced techniques and essential best practices that can help elevate a campaign’s performance.

Optimizing Ad Performance

Marketers must continually edit and optimize their Facebook ads for enhanced performance. It’s advisable to use A/B testing to determine which ad elements—such as images or videos—resonate best with the audience. They should also monitor the ad’s appearance and engagement metrics closely and force a review if ads don’t perform as expected.

Targeting and Audience Selection

Selecting the right audience is pivotal for a successful campaign. Advertisers can utilize Facebook’s lookalike audiences to reach people with similar interests to their existing customers. Additionally, integrating keywords that align with a user’s social media use can improve targeting precision.

Leveraging Facebook’s Technology

Facebook AI and automated systems offer a robust suite of tools for advertisers. By using these technologies, advertisers can automate bids, harness advanced analytics, and personalize ad delivery. Such automation ensures ads are approved quickly and shown to the most relevant users.

For businesses advertising in the European region, compliance with consumer rights policies is a must. They should stay abreast of current regulations.

Businesses also need to ensure their promotions don’t get banned. Regularly consulting the Facebook Business Support Home is essential to navigate these complex legal requirements.

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