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Who is the SEO Sorcerer?

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My name is Sean and I am a full-time internet marketer. I’ve created websites, email lists and social media properties in many different niches, including the ketogenic diet, antiques, college football/basketball, travel and more. While all of these are things I hold varying levels of interest in (except antiques), none of these are my passion. SEO Sorcerer allows me to work on a project that truly is my passion, which is the digital marketing space.

On this website I will documenting the things I do that are successful, not successful or anything that would be useful to my audience. I will be recommending products that I think would be useful for my business. These recommendations will be based on my own use of the product, not just because I think I can make a quick buck off of it.

I bought SEOSorcerer.com as an expired domain a while back. Despite having no interest in sorcery or wizardry, I went with it. It was in the niche I was looking for and that was good enough for me. As a result, I’ve opened the door for plenty of nerd jokes, but that’s alright.

The Goal of the Site

SEO Sorcerer is my first project where I am taking all of the different avenues of success I’ve had in the past and combining them into one project. Those avenues are SEO, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and email marketing. I have sites where I’ve used Facebook and email marketing or SEO and Instagram, but SEO Sorcerer will feature all of these avenues.

This page is a resource for all internet marketers from one who is yet to earn a dime all the way up to someone who makes their living online. Whether a visitor to SEO Sorcerer is looking to streamline an already successful business with more automation or looking to get their first traffic to their website, there is something here for everyone.

Here are some of my best posts to get your SEO journey started:

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