Hello everyone and welcome to the home of the SEO Sorcerer. I make money online and will document the journey here.

Who is the SEO Sorcerer?

Pictured: Myself, Mila, Peaches and my wife Danielle

First off, a little about myself. My legal name is not SEO Sorcerer, it’s actually Sean. I first started dabbling in internet marketing around 2015 and I’ve been full time internet marketer since 2018.

Outside of SEO and internet marketing, some of my hobbies include traveling with my wife, going to see any baseball park I’m near, hanging out with our two Yorkies (known as “the girls” by my wife) and going to Vegas and Atlantic City and I am also an aspiring food vlogger.

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How I Make Money Online

Enough about me, let’s get to business.There are five ways I make money online and that will be the focal point of the discussion here. Here are the three ways:

  • Amazon Influencer Program
  • Facebook
  • Sports Gambling

Amazon Influencer Program

Did you know Amazon pays you to do quick video reviews of any of their products? It’s a great way to earn your first dollar online. After you are accepted you can start making money right away by shooting 1 to 2-minute product videos with your iPhone. How cool is that?

If you’re interested in getting started with one of the easiest ways to make money online, click the link below:

Getting Started with the Amazon Influencer Program


I use Facebook to generate traffic to websites, which generate ad revenue.

Also, I earn income through Facebook directly from Ads on Facebook Reels and the Facebook Performance Bonus Program.

Sports Gambling

At this point, I have no plans of pushing anyone in the direction of gambling. Maybe one day this will change.

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