ClickFunnels vs ActiveCampaign: Ultimate Showdown for Superior Sales Funnels & Email Marketing in 2024

When pitting ClickFunnels vs ActiveCampaign against each other, are you aiming for the best sales funnel builder or the most advanced email marketing platform? Understanding their features, automation capabilities, CRM utilities, and pricing structures is crucial. Here, we dissect these aspects to guide you in determining which tool aligns with your business goal—smooth customer acquisition or targeted communication. Prepare for a forthright comparison tailored to secure the bedrock of your online sales and marketing.

ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign: Core Features

Examining the core features of ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign, what stands out is their unique strengths. ClickFunnels shines in its ability to create and optimize sales funnels, enabling businesses to smoothly guide customers from discovery to purchase. This platform isn’t just about landing pages; it’s a comprehensive solution for creating courses, memberships, and automated email sequences.

Conversely, ActiveCampaign makes its mark with its powerful marketing automation and email marketing capabilities, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to automate their marketing efforts and create targeted email campaigns.

Sales Funnel Creation

ClickFunnels has carved a niche for itself in sales funnel creation. It offers a range of tools and features that allow businesses to build effective online sales systems. The platform’s pre-built templates are designed to convert website visitors into email subscribers or paying customers, making it an excellent tool for maximizing conversion rates.

Furthermore, ClickFunnels’ landing pages, a core component of their sales funnels, are optimized for conversions, ensuring that every interaction a customer has with your business is a step towards a successful sale.

Email Marketing & Automation

However, ActiveCampaign outperforms in email marketing and automation. It offers sophisticated features like contact segmentation, dynamic email content, and A/B testing, which are essential for creating personalized, targeted email campaigns. The platform also harnesses the power of machine learning to enhance its automation workflows, making over a million predictions daily to provide the best possible customer experience.

Additionally, its visual automations map gives a complete overview of all marketing automations, making it easy for users to review performance and modify strategies as needed. It’s this flexibility that makes ActiveCampaign a popular choice across various sectors, from accounting to healthcare.

Landing Pages Showdown

Landing pages play a crucial role in any online marketing strategy, and both ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign offer robust landing page builders. However, they each come with their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

ClickFunnels’ landing page builder is known for its advanced features and mobile-friendly design, ensuring that your pages look great on any device. Conversely, ActiveCampaign’s landing pages are only available on higher-tier plans, which may not be ideal for businesses on a tight budget.

We’ll explore further into their respective landing page offerings, including site tracking features.

ClickFunnels Landing Pages

ClickFunnels provides a sophisticated landing page builder that allows you to:

  • Create professional landing pages without the need for coding

  • Integrate these landing pages seamlessly into your overall sales and marketing ecosystem

  • Track conversions through integrations like Facebook Conversions.

What’s more, ClickFunnels enables users to conduct split testing on various elements of their landing pages, allowing for quick experimentation and optimization for higher conversion rates.

ActiveCampaign Landing Pages

Conversely, ActiveCampaign offers a landing page builder that includes:

  • Unlimited pages with over 55 responsive templates

  • Web personalization features that allow you to display dynamic content based on user location or behavior

  • Custom domains for your landing pages to maintain brand consistency

However, one limitation of ActiveCampaign’s landing page builder is its lack of A/B testing, which could hinder your ability to optimize your landing pages for conversions.

Email Marketing Face-Off

A clear distinction exists between ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign in terms of email marketing. While ClickFunnels provides basic email marketing automation, it falls short when compared to the advanced features offered by ActiveCampaign. So, if email marketing is a significant part of your business strategy, ActiveCampaign’s specialization might be a decisive factor.

We’ll probe further into the email marketing capabilities of both platforms.

ClickFunnels Email Marketing

ClickFunnels offers the ability to automate email marketing campaigns with follow-up funnels, enabling you to engage customers after specific actions like cart abandonment or newsletter subscriptions. It also supports integration with various email marketing tools, such as WooSender, to enhance marketing communications.

However, it’s worth noting that ClickFunnels does not offer email templates, which are essential for creating marketing emails efficiently.

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

Conversely, ActiveCampaign excels in email marketing. It provides an automation platform with a focus on customer experience automation (CXA), utilizing machine learning for predictive actions. Its advanced personalization features allow you to dynamically insert contact or account-specific information into emails for a tailored experience.

Furthermore, ActiveCampaign’s robust analysis and optimization features, such as A/B testing and autoresponders, make it a powerful tool for managing and improving email marketing campaigns.

Marketing Automation Battle

Another vital aspect to consider when comparing ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign is marketing automation. While both platforms offer automation capabilities, ActiveCampaign is considered superior due to its advanced features and intuitive automation builder. However, in the debate of ActiveCampaign vs ClickFunnels, it’s worth noting that ClickFunnels does offer a Workflow feature that focuses on automating the marketing of products and services, allowing users to set up sequences triggered by customer behaviors like purchases or page visits.

We’ll investigate further into the automation tools and capabilities of each platform.

ClickFunnels Automation

ClickFunnels allows users to create automated workflows in minutes, including elements such as email automation, text messages, and Facebook Ads. These automated workflows can be triggered by customer activities such as page visits, information submissions, and product purchases.

Within ClickFunnels’ workflows, users can incorporate actions such as:

  • Sending emails

  • Creating conditional split paths

  • Adding delays, even as short as a few seconds

  • Setting off other workflows

These actions, acting as tools enable businesses to adapt the marketing process to various scenarios.

ActiveCampaign Automation

Conversely, ActiveCampaign offers:

  • A robust automation builder with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, allowing for the seamless creation of marketing workflows

  • A selection of pre-built automation workflows, including those targeting abandoned carts and engaged buyers

  • Extensive support resources such as training videos and one-on-one assistance

With over 30 triggers and more than 40 actions, ActiveCampaign offers myriad personalization options across multiple communication channels.

CRM Comparison

In the realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), ActiveCampaign excels with its comprehensive CRM system, far surpassing ClickFunnels’ basic contact management features. While ClickFunnels does offer some CRM functionalities, such as tracking of sales reps’ progress and other sales activities, it primarily focuses on optimizing the sales funnel aspect over comprehensive customer relationship management.

We’ll scrutinize the CRM capabilities of both platforms in more detail.

ClickFunnels CRM

While ClickFunnels offers a contact management system with detailed contact profiles, it lacks comprehensive CRM features. These contact profiles provide a history of customer interactions, enabling businesses to track touchpoints. However, CRM features such as deal management or a visual sales pipeline are currently unavailable in ClickFunnels.

ActiveCampaign CRM

Conversely, ActiveCampaign provides a full-featured CRM system that enables the creation and management of sales pipelines to guide prospects through the customer journey. Its CRM includes features for managing business processes, assigning deals, and nurturing contacts throughout the sales pipeline.

With customizable user permissions, sales reps have access only to the necessary information, ensuring data security and efficiency.

Integrations & Compatibility

In terms of integrations and compatibility with other tools, both ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign perform exceptionally. Whether you’re looking to connect with CRM systems, email marketing platforms, or payment processors, both platforms offer a wide range of integrations to meet your needs. However, it’s worth noting that ActiveCampaign offers integrations only on its more expensive plans, which may limit access for users on lower-tier subscriptions.

ClickFunnels Integrations

ClickFunnels offers direct integration capabilities with a wide range of tools and services, including:

  • CRM systems

  • Email marketing platforms like ConvertKit

  • Educational platforms like Skool

  • Payment processors like Stripe

ClickFunnels ensures your sales and marketing funnels can work in harmony, providing you with all the tools needed for success, including optimizing sales funnels.

For broader connectivity, ClickFunnels can be integrated with thousands of popular apps via Zapier, allowing you to automate workflows without the need for custom coding.

ActiveCampaign Integrations

ActiveCampaign boasts an extensive array of over 870+ integrations, demonstrating its capability to tailor automation experiences to a business’s unique needs across any channel and app. Some of the key integrations include:

  • Email marketing

  • Social media

  • Digital advertising

  • Websites

  • Shopify

  • Facebook

ActiveCampaign, a powerful marketing platform, ensures a seamless marketing experience for your business online by integrating with these popular applications and channels, with verification successful waiting for a smooth onboarding process.

It also allows users to create custom integrations with ActiveCampaign’s API for unique business solutions.

Pricing & Affordability

In terms of pricing and affordability, both ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign have various plans to cater to diverse business sizes and requirements. ClickFunnels’ Basic plan starts at $147/month and includes a suite of marketing and sales tools, while ActiveCampaign’s Marketing Lite plan starts at $39/month, increasing for higher-tier plans and more contacts.

However, given the expansive suite of tools included in ClickFunnels’ plans, it provides more value for money, making it a more cost-effective choice for many businesses.

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels offers three main pricing tiers:

  1. Basic: suitable for small businesses and individuals, allows up to 20 funnels, 1 domain, and 10,000 contacts.

  2. Pro: expands capabilities for growing businesses, offering 100 funnels, 3 domains, and 25,000 contacts.

  3. Funnel Hacker: designed for advanced users, provides unlimited funnels, unlimited domains, and unlimited contacts.

And for larger enterprises, the Funnel Hacker plan provides unlimited funnels, 9 domains, and a contact range of 100,000 to 200,000. All ClickFunnels plans offer users access to unlimited courses, workflows, pages, products, and email sequences, providing comprehensive tools for funnel creation and marketing efforts.

ActiveCampaign Pricing

ActiveCampaign’s pricing, on the other hand, varies depending on the plan and number of contacts. Its Lite plan starts at $29 per month when billed annually, offering basic features like email marketing and marketing automation. The Plus plan includes additional features like landing pages and Facebook integrations and starts at $49 per month when billed annually.

More advanced features like predictive sending AI are included in the Professional plan, which starts at $149 per month when billed annually. For businesses requiring advanced features like custom reporting and SSO, the Enterprise plan is offered at $259 per month when billed annually.

Real-Life Use Cases

Many businesses have utilized ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign to meet their marketing objectives. Let’s take a look at some real-life use cases to get a better understanding of their potential impact.

For instance, MIG Soap leveraged ClickFunnels to create a landing page for a “14 Day Challenge,” which successfully engaged audiences and encouraged participation. Meanwhile, Funnel University used ClickFunnels to capture audience excitement with a high-energy video from a conference, followed by a call-to-action (CTA) that complemented the video content, effectively converting viewers into leads. On the other hand, Squarebird, a digital marketing agency, utilized ActiveCampaign’s automation features to streamline their onboarding process, resulting in a 20% increase in client satisfaction and a 30% reduction in admin time.

In another example:

  • Employee Matters chose ClickFunnels to create a video-centric landing page that engaged users more effectively than text, leading to a quick quiz CTA that personalized the user experience.

  • Discover MBCA utilized ClickFunnels for a visually appealing landing page with minimal text, aligning with the luxurious brand image of Mercedes cars.

  • Escape Fitness, a global fitness equipment company, leveraged ActiveCampaign to personalize customer experiences across multiple channels, which contributed to a 25% increase in sales qualified leads.

Finally, here are some examples of how different companies used various tools to achieve their goals:

  1. Perfect Audience leveraged ClickFunnels to offer a “$100.00 credit” and “free trial” on a landing page, which was spaciously laid out and used a familiar color scheme to increase its conversion rate.

  2. American Orchid Society created a landing page with ClickFunnels that featured a straightforward CTA and a simple form to fill out, enhancing conversions by offering a free gift.

  3. King Kong, an Australian digital marketing agency, used ActiveCampaign to automate their client communication and pipeline management, helping them to achieve a 41% year-over-year growth in revenue.


In conclusion, both ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign offer unique strengths that can be leveraged depending on your business needs. ClickFunnels excels in creating and optimizing sales funnels, making it a great choice for businesses looking to convert leads effectively. On the other hand, ActiveCampaign shines with its advanced email marketing and automation capabilities, making it suitable for businesses that rely heavily on email marketing. Ultimately, the right choice will depend on your specific business needs and marketing goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ClickFunnels worth the money?

Yes, ClickFunnels is worth the investment as it is a comprehensive marketing tool that offers valuable features and integrations, making it worth the price.

Does ActiveCampaign have funnels?

Yes, ActiveCampaign does have funnels and sales pipelines to help with automated email sequences and targeted campaigns. In addition, it allows leads to be sent into different pipelines for further sales funnel management.

What are the disadvantages of ClickFunnels?

The initial setup of ClickFunnels can be confusing and time-consuming, especially when starting from scratch, and its pricing is relatively expensive compared to other funnel builders. This can lead to high costs and slow progress, making it less attractive to some users.

What is the difference between ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign?

The main difference between ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign is that ActiveCampaign is an email marketing and sales automation platform, while ClickFunnels specializes in sales funnel creation.

What are the core features of ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign?

ClickFunnels specializes in creating sales funnels for online sales, while ActiveCampaign focuses on email marketing and automation, providing features like contact segmentation and dynamic email content. Both platforms are designed to optimize sales and marketing strategies.

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