YouTube Video Google SEO – 3 Tips to Get Google Traffic for YouTube Vids

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Let’s get your video getting some Google traffic. In this article, we show you how to do YouTube video Google SEO and optimize your video for search traffic.

When I say “YouTube video Google SEO” let’s make sure you understand exactly what I am referring to. I mean that people are going to type in a Google search and your video will come up in the search results.

There are a few things that should already be taken care of before you get into these three tips. Just to be safe, let’s go over those really quickly to make sure they’re taken care of.

The google search phrase or “keyword” you are targeting should be in the following places of your YouTube video:

  • YouTube Video Title
  • YouTube Video Description
  • YouTube Tags
  • You Need to Say the Keyword in Your Video

Alright, now that we have taken care of that, let’s get into it and get you ranking on Google with your YouTube videos.

3 Tips to Get Google Traffic to Your YouTube Video

1 – Put a Link to Your YouTube Video in Your YouTube Video Description

If this is a little confusing, that’s understandable. Let me make sure you are clear on what I mean.

Under your video, you get to put up a description. In that description, you need to include a link to the video the description is for. That may seem a little awkward. So you can put this link at the bottom of your YouTube description.

Do NOT use the shortened version of the URL. For instance, for the YouTube video that is posted near the beginning of this article, this is the link you should use:

This is a powerful dofollow link and will provide a boost to your video in the Google search results.

If you want, you can click on that link and take a look at the description as it has implemented both techniques mentioned in this article.

2 – Put a Link to Your YouTube Video in the About Section of Your YouTube Channel

There is an about section on your YouTube channel. It is also a do-follow link. The video below starts right where it is shown how to put a link in the about section of your YouTube channel:

#3 – Put Table of Contents with Timestamps in the YouTube Description

Timestamps, also known as chapters, are a great way to get your YouTube video indexed by Google. This video gives a great tutorial on how to get this taken care of:


So obviously there is a great opportunity to make money by using YouTube to rank in the Google search results. Whether you want to go the route of affiliate marketing or lead generation there are loads up keywords out there that can be targeted.

If you implement the three steps above that will get the party started as far as getting Google search traffic to your YouTube video. If you are trying to battle for more competitive kewyords, you will need to take things a step further and do some link building. In the future, look for content where we take a deep dive into linkbuilding for YouTube video Google SEO. There are different ways to handle this. If you want to do all of the work yourself and track down websites and ask them for links, that is one way to do it. Another option is forking out some money and purchasing backlinking software that can send the process into overdrive. Some examples of this would be RankerX, SEO Autopilot, Money Robot, Scrapebox and GSA. Then there is the option of purchasing video embeds, web 2.0 links and others on Fiverr (affiliate link).

If you haven’t dabbled into lead generation with video marketing, you can find information on getting started with it by clicking here.

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