YouTube Video Google SEO Checklist

YouTube Video Google SEO Checklist – 5 Steps to Get Organic Traffic to Your Videos

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So you want to get more views to your YouTube video? Have you ever thought about bringing Google traffic to your YouTube videos? Follow this YouTube Video Google SEO checklist to make sure your video is optimized for traffic from the Google search results. 

YouTube Video Google SEO Checklist:

#1 – Put the keyword you want to be ranked for in the title, description and tags

First thing is first, let’s get the basics out of the way in one swoop. Odds are you have probably taken care of this before, but we have to be sure. You don’t want to put the entire title in your description, but put the main keyword in the top line of the description. 

#2 – Put the link to your video at the bottom of the YouTube description

You want to get the entire link when you do this, not the shortened version. For example, here is the full link for one of my videos:

If there is ampersand following ?v=youtubeid, make sure you delete it and everything following it. The YouTube ID is unique to your video and is around 10 characters long and followed by &. Make sure the & and anything following it is not included in any links you make specific for this particular video. Put it wherever you want in the description. The best place to hide it is at the bottom of the description. 

You may be wondering why you would put this link in the description. After all, you’re already at the description of the link you’re pointing to if you see it. Well, the links in the YouTube description are do-follow links. Without getting too deep into that rabbit hole, let’s just say those are very good links that really help with getting your site indexed and ranked by Google. 

#3 – Add a link to your video in the “About” section of your YouTube profile

This is another do-follow link. Between this and the link in your description that gives you two valuable links to get you moving up the Google search results. 

To place this link you simply click on the “Customize Channel” button, which is circled in red below:

From there you click on “Basic Info” and scroll down the page and click “add link” in the links section. You are able to have up to five links on this page, so make sure you have the five videos you want ranked the most in those spots. 

#4  – Add a table of contents or timestamps to your description 

Odds are you’ve probably seen one of these. This is in the description of your video. To do so, you simply make two or more time stamps. Here’s an example of how you do this: 

0:00 – Intro

0:25 – How to ride a bike

The only two requirements are that you have at least two timestamps and the second one is to make sure the second timestamp is at least 10 seconds into the video. When you take care of the first four items on this checklist it will make sure your site is indexed by Google and in the search results. 

#5 – Move up the Google search results with auto-embeds

Odds are, if you’ve dabbled in SEO, you realize that the more links pointing to your site, the better. When you are doing SEO for a website you have to be very careful with the types of links you point to your site. If you have bad or spammy links pointing to your site, you are at a risk of Google blacklisting your site. Well, when it comes to YouTube, Google obviously isn’t going to blacklist a site like YouTube from their search results. After all, YouTube is owned by Google. They’re in this together. 

So now we are going to get into auto-embeds. What if I told you there are thousands of links there already pointing to your YouTube videos? That’s what auto-embeds are. All you need to do is find those auto-embeds and get them indexed to get your site moving up the rankings. 

I made a video that will get you ready to find some auto-embeds. Click the image below to check it out: 

If you would rather just outsource the issue, then you can buy the links on Fiverr (affiliate link) or you can sign up for my email list with the form below and get 25 free auto-embeds: 

Alright, now that you have completed these five tasks to move up the Google search results. If your video isn’t at the top of the keyword you are looking for then keep adding more auto-embeds and keep building Scrapebox backlinks to them. 

Now you have the tools necessary to get your videos to the top of the Google search results. Put these five steps into action and you will then have another source of traffic for your YouTube channel. 

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