website flipping case study

Website Flipping Case Study

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Website flipping is something I have always had an interest in. The only issue is I have a hard time letting go of something I work so hard on.

I made an earlier blog post about my first website flip. The only reason this happened is because someone approached me and we negotiated until we got to a number I was satisfied with. If this gentleman hadn’t approached me then I still would not have flipped a site yet.

Before we get started with this project, there is a lofty goal to be set. This is going to be a six figure flip. When the project is over, the goal is to get over $100,000 for the site. Anything less than that is a failure.

To get those results there will need to be some money put into the project. If you are trying to create similar results, you will not necessarily need to replicate the budget I will be using. Most of the budget will be used to either outsource the work or speed up the process. You can take on a similar project with almost no capital provided you are going to be patient and do all of the work yourself. Throughout the process I will provide cost-free alternatives to the options I am using.

In this blog post we are going through the entire website flipping process. From buying the domain to what WordPress plugins I use to my SEO processes. Everything that is done will be documented. Domain selection, on page SEO, off page SEO, social media marketing, building an email list and everything else along the way will be documented. This is going to take at least six months and probably upwards of a year. When completed, this will be the signature piece of content of this blog.

Right now I am in negotiations with T.B. Solutions to find the perfect aged domain for my site. I don’t have a niche in mind, just trying to find that perfect domain name to get things rolling. I am being a real pain in the ass to them, but they are being very helpful with my journey. When the domain is purchased and transferred to me (hopefully in the next few days), I’ll update this post accordingly.

6/26/2019 – Purchased an Aged Domain

Purchased an Aged Domain

This was an exciting day. Things are officially up and rolling. Click the link above to check out the process and learn that is the first step and a very important step toward getting the process rolling and moving toward that six figure flip.

7/3/2019 – Setting Up My Domain With Hosting and WordPress

Setting Up My Domain With Hosting and WordPress

So now we have our website up and running. There’s nothing on it and we don’t have any of our own graphics, but we have a WordPress theme and the essential plugins. Once we get our graphics, we are about to get into the meat and potatoes. Let’s do this!

7/10/2019 – The Site is Up and Running!

The Site Is Up and Running

Alright, our website is live. We created a Facebook account. Not the most eventful update, but big things are in store. Before our next update we will have a full social presence and also have keyword research done. The only thing left to do will be linkbuilding and content creation.

Big things are on the way! Stay tuned!

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