Website Audit With Surfer SEO

Website Audit With Surfer SEO

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If you’re unsure about how to do an audit for your website, this is the solution for you. This will show how easy and powerful a website audit with Surfer SEO is. 

So I’ve been putting off doing some auditing and revamping of my websites for quite some time. A Facebook post by the great Matt Diggity has prompted me to do a website audit with Surfer SEO.  The conversation was sparked by Jill Caren at 2 Dogs Media. She did a page audit case study that produced some incredible results. She used Website Auditor by Link Assistant, which will probably be the next website auditor we use.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s pretty amazing. It gives a rundown of what the top 10 sites in the Google search results are doing and how close or far away you are from matching them.

I thought about doing a video review of it, but in all honesty I’m not going to do a better job than SEO Khan. Check it out:

SEO Khan Shows Demos a Website Audit with Surfer SEO

Website audits are a very tricky thing. Many different sites offer them, but of the ones I’ve seen this one does the best job of giving you an exact game plan of what to change.

The only thing left to do is put the wheels in motion, right? So I took five pages from two of my websites and made the changes necessary. I don’t want to give away my niche, but if these audits are successful, I will update this post with the changes I made and how effective they were.

Some of the changes I made include: the number of characters in the title, the number of characters in H1, number of words in the body, making sure the keyword is in the title, the number of characters in bold, added some common phrases, length of meta description and number of exact keywords in body. That’s basically a rundown of all of the things that could possible need changed after an audit outside of backlinks. Since backlinks are a much more complicated topic, I will not be adding any backlinks. Those will be added after the affects of these update are felt as an extra boost to get over the top, if needed.

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