Website Audit With Surfer SEO

Website Audit With Surfer SEO Update

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In a previous blog post I ran a website audit with Surfer SEO. You can find that post here. In this post we are going to update the results from addressing the needs in the audit.

From the previous article, here are some of the changes I made: the number of characters in the title, the number of characters in H1, number of words in the body, making sure the keyword is in the title, the number of characters in bold, added some common phrases, length of meta description and number of exact keywords in body. That’s basically a rundown of all of the things that could possible need changed after an audit outside of backlinks. Since backlinks are a much more complicated topic, I will not be adding any backlinks. Those will be added after the affects of these update are felt as an extra boost to get over the top, if needed.

So what kind of results did I get? Let’s take a look. This site is in the health/diet niche. This audit and the changes were done May 16th and 18th so that gives us 11 to 13 days for there to be a bump in the serps.

Here are the details on the keywords including the Google position as well as the updated Google position as of May 29, 10:50 p.m. EST. It includes the search volume, the estimated traffic per keyword, the Google position and also the updated traffic and position will be provided to see how much of a change in position and traffic has occurred. I cannot provide the keyword for privacy reasons.

Keyword #1

Volume: 17,000

Traffic: 272

Position: 14

Updated Traffic: 167

Updated Position: 17

Well, that’s a bummer. This one has bounced around a decent amount and wouldn’t be surprised to see it ended up on the first page. It did get up to the 7th position before plummeting.

Keyword #2

Volume: 7,200

Traffic: 203

Position: 9

Updated Traffic: 215

Updated Position: 7

There we go. Moved up two spaces resulting in more traffic.

Keyword #3

Volume: 1800

Traffic: 238

Position: 3

Updated Traffic: 238

Updated Position: 3

Well, no change there.

Keyword #4

Volume: 5400

Traffic: 70

Position: 8

Updated Traffic: 143

Updated Position: 6

A jump from 8 to 6 is a pretty big deal. This is very encouraging.

Keyword #5

Volume: 1400

Traffic: 72

Position: 7

Updated Traffic: 72

Updated Position: 7

This one stayed the same also.

Keyword #6

Volume: 1000

Traffic: 53

Position: 6

Updated Traffic: 42

Updated Position: 7

Dropped a spot there.

So out of six keywords there were two that stayed the same, two that moved up in the rankings and two that dropped. Not the results we were hoping for.

One thing to mention is that Surfer SEO gives you backlinks that sites in the top ten have. I did not address that issue as that would have been a massive project. That is something I expect to do over time.

Another thing to watch out for is it might just take more time for this to work. I will check back in here in a couple weeks and report the results.

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