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Pinterest for Business Course Part 1 – Setting Up Your Pinterest Profile

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Welcome to our five-part Pinterest for business series. In part one we are going to show you how to set up your Pinterest profile for success. We previously released a course on getting started with Pinterest marketing. This is going to be much more in-depth and get you ready to succeed with Pinterest for Business.

What is Pinterest for Business?

Pinterest for business is when you use your Pinterest profile to drive traffic to your website, affiliate links, YouTube videos or other web properties you desire. Many people overlook using Pinterest for Business because they assume their niche won’t work. This is a big mistake. Pinterest has turned into one of the top search engines on the web. There are more than two billion searches on Pinterest per month, according to Hoot Suite.

Is your business a good niche for marketing on Pinterest? Check out this quick video for help figuring that out.

Setting Up Your Pinterest Profile

In this installment of the Pinterest for Business course, we are going to focus on setting up our Pinterest profile for success. In order to set you up for success, let’s get the Pinterest profile set up properly.

Display Name and About Section

The display name is very simple. It’s going to be the name of your business. If you have extra characters after your full display name, go ahead and add a keyword in your niche or describe a service you provide. You get 65 characters so make sure you use them!

In the about section, you want to use all of the keywords you can naturally fit in the description. Again, use all of the characters available. You get 160 characters so that’s a great opportunity to touch base on all of the important products or services your business offers. Don’t make it look unnatural or keyword stuffed. Just write a quality about section. Don’t overthink it.

As a quick sidenote, make sure you add your website and verify it with Pinterest. This probably goes without saying, but make sure you take care of this.

Create Ten Boards

You need to have at least ten boards created on your Pinterest account. This may seem difficult, but if you put just a little bit of thought into it you can easily come up with ten boards. It’s okay if some of the boards are similar. Even a slight difference can warrant a different type of board. As you move on you can possibly come up with better boards that aren’t as similar to the ones you have.

Make sure you give each of your boards a description. In what has become a recurring theme, make sure you use all of the available characters for your description.

Featured Boards

After you get all of your boards created it’s time to choose your featured boards. Make sure you pick your best boards so they get the most action.

If you’re more of a video learner, here is the part one format in video format:

You’re Ready to Go!

Alright, once all of these things are taken care of, you can get ready to move on to part two of the Pinterest for Business Master Course.

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