Setting Up My Domain With Hosting and WordPress

Setting Up My Domain With Hosting and WordPress

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If you are going to make money blogging on the internet, then you need to learn how to set up a website with hosting and WordPress.

Choosing Hosting

As far as hosting goes, I use MojoHost. They are great. Basically you just email them with whatever you need and they get back to you in a matter of minutes. Click here to sign up with them. Just so you know, this is an affiliate link and if you use it I get paid a commission out of it at no extra cost to you.

MojoHost can provide you with whatever you need. If you are getting a couple pageviews a month then they have a plan for you. Or if you are getting millions of pageviews a month they also have something for you.

Do You Even WordPress?

If you haven’t used WordPress, that’s the content management system I use to manage my sites. It’s a lot to learn, but once you get the handle of it, it turns you into a master web designer without having to actually learn how to do it. There are loads of WordPress tutorials out there just a simple Google search away. Here is one of my favorites.

Learning WordPress is so essential. About 34% of websites in the world are made with WordPress. Being versed in WordPress is an incredible skill to have. It’s very user friendly, so you get in there and just start tinkering and before you know it you will know what you’re doing. Then you just keep using it and get better and better. Trust me when I tell you that if you don’t know how to use WordPress yet, it’s a skill worth learning.

Choosing a WordPress Theme

Once you’re in WordPress you’ll need to choose a theme. This basically gives you the outline for what your website will look like. One of my favorites is Soledad by Envato. It is a paid theme. It costs $59. If you want a free theme, there are thousands of them out there. This is something you can easily get hung up on, but don’t let that happen. Pick one you like and roll with it. It’s very easy to move to a new theme if you decide to so you aren’t binded to your theme forever.

WordPress Plugins

Then there are the essential WordPress plugins. Here are the plugins I always have installed on my site:

WPForms – This plugin makes it very easy to add any form you might need to your site.

Yoast SEO – Yoast is great as it gives you some guidelines for SEO on your website. It connects to your Google Search Console, optimizes your site for social media and grades how SEO optimizes your posts and pages are. It allows you to generate sitemaps and add meta tags. If you download a single WordPress plugin, Yoast is it.

Google Analytics – This plugin provides you with visitor statistics for your site.

I could go on and on for which plugins you should use with your site, but it boils down to you. There is literally a plugin for almost everything on your site. For instance, if you have a need to install code to your header or footer, there is a plugin that handles that for you. Just search in the plugins and you will easily find what you need.

Graphics For Your Website

So you’ll probably want to add some graphics to your site that give it your own personal touch or brand. If you’re not a designer, you’ll need someone to do that. Well, I just paid someone $10 on Fiverr (another affiliate link) and I’m done with it. Maybe down the road I will improve the graphics or maybe I’ll learn to love them. The structure and layout of the website is more important to me at the beginning than having fancy graphics and looking flashy. Great content and a professional look will take you very far in this world.

Of course if having an incredible looking site is what matters to you, then do what it takes to make that happen. Get your graphic designer buddy to do it. Pay top dollar for the design. Do what makes you happy.

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