Purchased an Aged Domain

Purchased an Aged Domain

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Alright, exciting stuff. I was able to find an aged domain that is in a niche that I like and that means we are up and rolling.

I’m not going to give away the exact niche for many reasons, but it is in the medical field. To be clear, I will not be giving away medical advice and the site will be loaded with disclaimers. This is something to be mindful of when in the medical niche.

This domain cost only $125 from TB Solutions. Sorry it took so long to complete the part of the process. I wanted to make sure I found a niche that is somewhat specialized with the ability to expand and this niche is right on the money.

So why did I choose this domain? For just $125 this article has a DR of 12. DR is the Domain Rating metric used by Ahrefs. While this isn’t a huge number, I feel like it’s enough to where purchasing this domain gives me a six month head start (at least) when it comes to getting ranked with Google. There is already a keyword ranked for this site, which is a big deal. There are 127 backlinks from 41 different domains for the site and there are some high quality links.

Ahrefs Statistics for the Aged Domain


So what’s next? Well, I have already added the site to my hosting plan. In the coming days I will be getting a WordPress theme setup, installing plugins and creating a content plan. Stay tuned as I will be providing the details for all of these processes.

With the aged domain purchased we are up and rolling and it’s very exciting. Follow along and learn exactly how I grow this domain into a website that pulls in serious traffic and revenue and then in the end is hopefully flipped for six figures.

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