Pinterest Keyword Research

Pinterest Keyword Research – Your Official Guide

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The Pinterest keyword research we are going to be doing will be done directly at the official Pinterest website. So if you were looking for a specific tool or secret method then you have come to the wrong place.

In this process, we will be targeting the phrase “coffee bar.” So if you have a coffee blog you are in luck and will be finding a great phrase to target with your Pinterest account.

How to Find Great Keywords for Pinterest

Let’s head to the Pinterest search bar. There will be words that come up automatically when you type in “coffee bar”. You can see “coffee bar ideas,” “coffee bar design” and many other phrases. Now we are going to go a step further and type in the third word in the keyword bar. This narrows down the keyword even more. This finds you long-tail keywords that will be easier to rank at the top for Pinterest. “Coffee bar ideas DIY” and “Coffee Bar Ideas Farmhouse” are two very good keywords that people are searching for on Pinterest.

coffee bar ideas

Let’s go with “Cofee Bar Ideas Farmhouse” as our keyword choice. When you take a look at these pins you can see these pins are not optimized for this specific keyword. The entire keyword is not in the title or the description.

If you create a quality pin with “Coffee Bar Ideas Farmhouse” at the very beginning of the description, you should have no trouble getting to the top of the search results on Pinterest for that specific search phrase. You don’t want to match it exactly in the title, but it is okay to have a partial match along with other relevant keywords. Make sure the rest of your description includes the other relevant keywords you made note of earlier. That way your pin can be found in more search results than just “Coffee Bar Ideas Farmhouse.”

Example Title: Give Your Coffee Bar a Farmhouse Feel

Example Description: Coffee Bar Ideas: A farmhouse feel is a really cool way to design your coffee bar. Learn how to do that here.

Getting Started with Pinterest Keyword Research

Since this is such a specific search, there aren’t a ton of people searching for this, but it’s still a great way to gain some traction on Pinterest and get your pins in the search results. It’s good to do this specifically when you are a new Pinterest account trying to get some momentum.

Keyword research is just one component of a success Pinterest marketing approach. You need to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row when it comes to your Pinterest account. From your actual profile to the pins you create as well as the boards, you need to take care of all of these components. Make sure you have it all set up properly by grabbing our Pinterest for Business Checklist for Success.

Many people don’t jump into Pinterest because they are fearful their niche won’t work on this platform. Most of the time this is a major misconception. Odds are, if you head over to Pinterest you will find pins in your niche that are doing really well and getting loads of traffic.

If you want to be sure about whether or not your niche will work on Pinterest, check out this video:

Now you have an exact gameplan for how to attack Pinterest keyword research. If you are a go-getter, target all of the keywords that came up with the predictive search. Doing that and creating attractive pins, you are certain to turn on the spout for Pinterest traffic.

If you are new to Pinterest marketing and need a specific gameplan, then check out our Pinterest marketing tutorial.

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