Turn Your WordPress Category Pages Into Pillar Content

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Maybe you’ve heard of pillar content. The phrase “pillar content” got a boost when it was mentioned by media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk.

In this article we are going to talk about pillar content and how it relates to your WordPress blog. As you may have guessed these are going to be the “pillars” of your website. These will be the articles that attract link to your website and will instantly be an incredible resource to the visitors of your website.

What is Pillar Content?

Alright, if you are going to have a niche blog, using my approach you will create three to four pillar articles, which will double as category pages on your website. For instance, let’s say you are creating a travel blog. Your pillar articles could be: travel supplies, travel destinations, shopping for airfare, etc. Each of these will be a category in your blog and also contain an 1,000+ words of content and link to all relevant pages on your site.

To give you a visual, this is how HubSpot illustrates pillar pages:

hubspot pillar pages

Within your three or four category (pillar) pages on your site, you want to make sure to contain virtually every keyphrase that users will be searching to find your site. Anytime your site adds a blog post that fits under one of your categories, you need to update the page and link to the new blog post.

If you want to see a pillar page, there is an example from HubSpot with their Instagram marketing pillar page:

You can see on this page that it gives a very in-depth definition of Instagram marketing and provides many hyperlinks to different pieces of “cluster content” that are related to the topic at hand.

What makes this a great example of pillar content? It is jammed with great content. It contains internal as well as external hyperlinks. A new Instagram user can be taken from creating their account all the way up to Instagram analytics and ads. It’s an incredibly comprehensive piece of content. It includes examples of relevant images, infographics, how-to tutorials and more. If someone is thinking about diving into Instagram marketing, this is an incredible resource for them.

Any question someone has about your “category” you use for your pillar article should be answered. When a guest gets to your pillar content, any question they have should be answered.

Why Use Pillar Content?

What makes this type of content so beneficial? Well, Google has a lot of content to sort and sift through. A clean website with pillar articles linking to all relevant content on the site make sit very easy for Google to figure out what the content on your website is about.

The type of internal linking system used with this process makes it very easy for Google to find your pages and in turn increases your Google search rankings.

Let’s Get Started!

Maybe in the beginning you aren’t ready to move forward with four pillar articles. That’s fine. You can start out with one. It could be used on your home page and have thousands of words of content, linking out to all of the relevant content throughout your site from it. Down the line you can move toward two, three, four or even more categories for your site, all including a pillar article.

It’s time to create content. If you are capable of creating the content yourself, make sure you put in the necessary time to make this an incredible resource for anyone who checks it out. Answer every possible question they have about the topic at hand.

If you are going to outsource the content, make sure you pay the extra dime and get a high quality writer. These are the most important pieces of content on your entire website. This is not the time to try to save a few bucks or hurry through the article. It deserves 100% effort.

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