Monetizing Facebook Video – Requirements and How to Reach Them

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In a previous post, I mentioned how I have launched a venture as a food vlogger. In that article I didn’t get in too deep with regards to how I would be making money with the site. This article discusses one of the methods I will use to make money, which will be by monetizing Facebook video.

When people think about becoming a YouTuber or becoming a vlogger, they mostly think about putting their video up on YouTube. It’s important to use all of your different social media platforms available, to get as much reach as possible. Not only are you able to earn revenue with ad breaks in your Facebook videos, but you also have the potential to have one of your videos to go viral so you have the opportunity to build an audience on Facebook very rapidly.

Also, not only are you able to earn Facebook ad revenue, but you can also sell affiliate products as an additional stream of revenue with non-video posts on Facebook. You can also use it to push people to your YouTube channel. There are many benefits to getting your video and other content on Facebook.

Alright, let’s go over the requirements that need to be reached in order to start bringing in ad revenue from Facebook video.

Your Page Needs to Have 10,000 followers

Okay, so this is a big one. Obtaining 10,000 followers seems like a massive deal, but if you are putting out quality content it can come faster than you thought.

So is there anything you can do to expedite the process? For one thing, you can obviously run ads to your content on your Facebook page. Or you can run ads to just get likes for your page. Getting 10,000 followers to your page using ads will not be a minor expense unless you know something I don’t.

A quick hack to get Facebook likes is by inviting everyone who likes your Facebook posts to like your page.

So this opens up a great opportunity. If you are able to get a meme to go viral, you are able to invite thousands of people to like your page. Then once you get the first thousand of followers, the page will grow much quicker.

The 10,000 followers are the most daunting task of all of the requirements, so by the time you get those followers most of the other requirements will be met, so don’t get too caught up in how difficult it is.

You must generate at least 30,000 1-minute views on videos that are at least 3 minutes long in the last 60 days

Simple enough. Odds are you will reach this by the time you have 10,000 followers. If you are making a video a week for the first few months and running $10 to $20 worth of ads to each video you will reach these numbers. If not, then you will reach it after you publish a few more to your audience of 10,000 followers. Unless your videos are very boring and unengaging, but if you stick to making videos they will keep getting better and better. Believe me. Trust the process.

You Must be 18 Years Old

As far as this one goes either you are or you aren’t. Not much explaining here.

You Must Live in an Eligible Country

Check out the list of eligible countries here.

There you go. Once you meet these requirements you are able to start monetizing Facebook videos. In the meantime, you can make money with affiliate marketing by promoting products in your videos as well as regular non-video Facebook posts.

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