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Making Money as a Food Vlogger – Get Started Today!

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During the pandemic, there has been an incredible number of people trying to become the next big thing on YouTube. Well, instead of figuring out an original idea, I’m doing the same thing. My new venture is giving my best effort to making money as a food vlogger. That’s right, your boy is trying to make it big on YouTube.

Getting Started – Do I Really Wanna Do This?

So I wanted to get a few videos out before mentioning this in the blog. Initially, I thought there was a great chance I make a video or two and then move on and never think about it again. Well, it’s actually been something I really enjoy. I team up with my friend Chris from Drip Media Gaming. We meet up every Friday, grab some food (or try to) and try it out and document it all on camera.

My Partnership with Drip Media

The great thing about partnering with Chris is I don’t have to worry about the video editing side of it. Despite that, I’m trying to pick up what I can from him and have done some video editing myself in the past at the SEO Sorcerer YouTube channel, but. his video editing is obviously much, much better than mine, as you will see below.

So maybe it seems unfair like Chris is doing all of the work so how is this a fair partnership? Actually, I handle a lot of work on the backend, as far as uploading the videos, adding descriptions and tags and things like that. Also, I am using my expertise on Facebook and Instagram to help us establishes presences on both of those social media platforms.

Our First Video!

Here is our first video. Fairly simple, but Chris does such a great job with the editing, b-roll, music, etc. that it makes the video so much more engaging than videos I previously created.

Our other videos include a sampling of the Dunkin fall treats, the Pacqui One Chip Challenge and a rant of mine when we were unable to get our hands on the Pacui One Chip. If this sounds like something you will enjoy then you can click here and subscribe to our channel.

You Can Be a YouTuber!

So maybe you’re thinking alright, you’re not even doing the recording or video editing, that’s not fair. To you I say, yeah, you’re kinda right. Okay, you’re completely right. But odds are you know someone who can do the video editing side and you can form a partnership with them like Chris and I have. And as I said earlier, you are able to edit the video yourself and while it won’t look like the video above, it doesn’t need to.

This is a food vlog and there are thousands of them so you need to separate yourself from the crowd. You don’t have to take the same path. If your niche has great value and gives someone a solution, then the quality isn’t nearly as important.

So you’re thinking about becoming a lifestyle or food vlogger, but can’t quite get it rolling? No more waiting around, let’s get started today!

Make That First Video!

Once you get that first video created, it takes the weight of the world off of your shoulders. Then you get better and better with every video. Look at your favorite lifestyle or food vlogger. Now go back and look at their first videos. They just keep getting better and better. Well, that process doesn’t begin until you create your first video.

Get started today. And remember to put the video up on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and any other social media platform that people in your niche are you using.

Stay tuned as I will be providing updates on our progress as food vloggers. Also, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook to make sure you see all of our updates. But of course, only if you are into that type of thing.

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