How to Get More Instagram Traffic

How to Get More Instagram Traffic with Hashtag Research

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Instagram has always been something I have always put on the backburner. I always wanted to figure out how to get more Instagram traffic, but never actually did it.

Well with the Coronavirus going around, there is more time to do things like post on Instagram, so I figured it’s time to get to work on this. You may be wondering why I am so determined to get more people to my Instagram. Well, if you are able to get to 10,000 Instagram followers then you are able to post links in your stories. Currently, my account is at just over 4,000 followers and my stories average between 50 and 100 views so if I were able to get to 10k+ followers that would be a great opportunity to get my links in front of some eyeballs.

Alright, so we are going to go over two ways to get more Instagram traffic. One will require a monthly investment of around $18, the other is completely free. Let’s start with the paid option.

Hashtag Research with Flick

I have always suspected hashtags were the answer to getting more traffic. I was never able to land the big-time traffic with the hashtags I chose. Now that I have used Flick, I understand why.

With the use of Flick, I am able to find the top 20 to 30 low to medium competition keywords in my niche and use those to get my traffic up for each Instagram post I make. As proof, let me show you an example of an Instagram post from one of my pages before Flick:

instagram stats

On this post, I used three hashtags that came off the top of my head. You can see that I received only three of my 514 impressions due to those hashtags.

I believe at the time of this post I had just below 4,000 followers. One of the key takeaways from this screenshot is I received 0 follows from this post. If your goal is growth, then obviously this post isn’t getting you that.

Now let’s take a look at the stats from when I used Flick to do hash research:

Talk about a difference!

This post received 1,903 impressions from hashtags, resulting in 3 new follows. While 3 new follows is nothing crazy, that is growth and growth is the goal. If you do 5 posts a day that will get you 15 new followers a day and 105 per week.

The great thing about this was how easy it was. You simply open up Flick and type in the keyword that your photo is related to. It could be coronavirus, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, whatever. And it will give you a list of hashtags to use for your photo. You simply copy and paste those and put them at the bottom of your image and BOOM. You’re getting so many more viewers to your post.

The great thing about Flick is you get a seven-day trial before you have to start paying for it. If you want to give it a shot, click here. Just so you know, this is an affiliate link, meaning if you keep Flick, I will be paid a commission out of your monthly fee, at no extra cost to you.

Flick is very user friendly and a great tool to get more Instagram traffic. Here’s a screenshot of the information you get from them.

flick instagram

Sidenote: I am not a vegan.

Ethically Stealing Instagram Posts to Get Traffic

It may be hard to believe, but stealing is okay sometimes. It is in this instance of stealing other people’s Instagram posts and using it for yourself to get big traffic.

There are apps on iPhone and Android that are used to reshare the posts of others. These apps grab someone else’s Instagram post and then shares it on your page. How is this ethical? It gives the person who originally posts it credit for the original post, giving them more exposure from your post. It’s almost like a Facebook “share.”

The app we recommend is Repost for iPhone and Android.

Alright, now that you are able to steal someone’s work and give them credit for it, there’s a little more to it. You don’t just pick the first photo you see.

First, you need to find an account similar to yours and make sure they use hashtags. Preferably they use lots of hashtags, like more than 10.

Once you find an account in your niche that uses plenty of hashtags, scroll through and find one of their posts that gets the most action. For instance, if one of there posts has 2,700 likes while the others have around 500, the 2,700 is the one you should probably go with. Obviously, right?

From there you copy the link for that post and paste it in your Repost app and from there it walks you through reposting it on your Instagram page and giving the original creator credit.

Now Get to Work!

Now that you know how to create viral Instagram posts it’s time to get out there and start creating. Try to get four or five posts up a day before night time hits because that’s peak Instagram time. If you follow the steps above to do that you will almost certainly get a viral post or two that greatly exceeds the number of likes, comments, follows that your account usually draws.

Up next we will figure out how to turn more of this exposure into more followers.

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