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Should I Keep My Instagram Public or Private?

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It’s always annoyed me when I run into an Instagram account that is obviously a business account and I have to request to be able to follow them because they are private. Well, obviously they do this for a reason. So this probably has you wondering, should I keep my Instagram public or private? It’s a complex issue. Let’s take a deep dive into the issue.

How to Make Instagram Public or Private

By default your Instagram account is public. If you want to make your account private, it must be a personal account, not a business account. From there, you simply go to Settings > Privacy > Account Privacy then switch it to Private Account. To switch it back to public, you go back to the same place and switch it back.

Why do People Make Instagram Accounts Private?

Well, obviously they don’t want just anyone to see their page. But in this instance, we are assuming this is not the case. Very often there are Instagram influencer accounts who have their privacy turned on. These accounts want as much exposure as possible, so why would they make their Instagram private?

Many claim that by making their account private it “teases” people and increases the chance they put in a request follow. This is particularly true when an Instagram user gets another account to give them a “shoutout” and then when the people go to see what the fuss is about, they see the account is private. In order to find out what the hype is all about, they absolutely must follow the private account!

Why Aren’t All Instagram Influencers and Brand Names Private?

After all, going private results in more followers, right? Well, it’s obviously a low brow move. You won’t see an established brand such as Nike pulling this off. Why wouldn’t any influencer, political, sports, etc. account us this method?

Well, one big drawback is a business Instagram account can’t be private. There are many useful features provided when an Instagram account is of the business variety, such as ad placement, statistics and more.

Another drawback is the reach of the posts and stories when an account is made private. A big resource on Instagram is the use of hashtags to generate big-time traffic to your stories and posts. Since your account is private, the only people who will view your posts are your followers. With proper hashtag usage, they can generate thousands of people seeing your posts along with likes and new followers.

So Should Your Keep your Instagram Public or Private?

Well, that depends on your particular situation. For instance, if your account is still in the early stages and you are hoping to buy some shoutouts and build that sucker up fast, then making the account private will definitely result in more followers.

On the other hand, if you want to be completely on the up and up and build your Instagram account without shoutouts and do it ethically, then you should keep it public.

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