I Bought an Aged Domain

I Bought an Aged Domain

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So this is something I have been considering doing a long time. I bought an aged domain in an effort to expedite the SEO process of the site. So yeah, r.i.p. TayMarketing.com. It was fun.

So for a few different reasons, I’ve never purchased an aged domains. That’s for a couple different reasons.

First, I am really into the SEO process and building my site from the ground up in that regard. When you get an aged domain it kind of gives you a head start. I wanted to learn everything I could as far as the entire process of the SEO process with a brand new domain and website. If I bought an aged domain it kind of cheats the process. It is a shortcut and I didn’t want that. To learn more about the advantages of an aged domain over a brand new domain, read this article.

The other reason for not purchasing an aged domain is cost. To get an aged domain that is good enough to use for a blog, you need to shell out some cash. Maybe I really cared about the SEO process as stated above or maybe I’m just cheap. Either way, this time I shelled out $500 for an aged domain and look forward to reporting the results.

Since this is my third article there’s nothing to report as far as SEO results. The site is anchored, though, and it shouldn’t take long to get traffic. The only other two posts were an Surfer SEO Audit and then an update.

Every month I will do an update on the site as far as revenue, traffic and internet marketing projects I am working on. This is going to be a fun journey and I look forward to learning as well as teaching people about SEO along the way.

If there is anything you’d like to see me try or have any questions then let me know on Twitter.


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