How to Make 2000 Dollars Fast

How to Make 2000 Dollars Fast – 13 Proven Methods to Make Money

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If you are looking for information on how to make 2000 dollars fast, you have come to the right place. While this is challenging, it’s far from impossible.

This article is going to give you an array of options to put money in your pockets fast. No matter what your skillset or resources available are, one of these options will fit you.

The most important part of making money is taking action. So go down through the list and find the one that works best for you and make it happen! Let’s figure out how to make 2000 dollars fast.

Start a YouTube Channel

This is a really hot method right now. Most assume that it takes months or even years to make money on YouTube. However, that’s not always the case. If you can make a video that provides a solution for people that are very desperate for it, you can get viewers and income quickly. Getting ad revenue from loads of YouTube views, now that can certainly take some time. With a good plan of action, YouTube revenue can come very quickly and exceed $2,000 by using affiliate marketing in your videos.

You might see pro level video on YouTube and think to yourself “I can’t do that.” Well, it doesn’t always take pro level video to make money. If your video appeals to a certain, passionate audience then you won’t need to make the highest quality video.

Become a Website Developer or App Developer

This is a skill in high demand. The key is getting your name and services out there. You can create gigs on Fiverr, Upwork and sites like that to get your initial clients. After you do a couple of great jobs it will create some referrals and that’s when the ball gets really rolling.

If you don’t know anything about website or app development, but would like to add that to your skillset, that’s definitely an option. You can use Skillshare or Udemy to learn how to create websites and apps.

Freelance Writing

If you are a skilled writer, then you can get to $2000 fast. Writers can charge anywhere from $50 to $200+ per 1,000 words.

So where do you find your first clients? As mentioned above, Fiverr and Upwork are options. Another great option is joining Facebook groups. There are groups that are filled with digital marketers, affiliate marketers and more which prominently feature people who buy mass amounts of content.

Also, there are Facebook groups where people join with the sole purpose of buying content. Get in a couple of those, set a reasonable price and you are on your way to making some cash as a writer.

If you are looking to get started as a writer, just sign up for a free blog at Blogger or WordPress and work on your portfolio. No matter how good or bad of a writer you are, there is a fair price for your services.

Drive Uber

drive uber

If you have a car then you are ready to go. All you do is sign up and you can be making money in a matter of hours or days, depending on the approval process.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Most people that take this path end up losing money. But if you have a decent foundation of money and know economics, this is definitely an option. There is enough history of Bitcoin that there are definitely trends that can be taken advantage of.

Provide SEO Services for Businesses

There are many businesses out there who have websites that are getting zero visitors every day. If you are able to get visitors and clients to these websites, these businesses will pay you big money.

This is a very competitive market. Another way to make money would be to connect with an already established SEO agency and do cold calling for them. They will pay big money for you to land clients for them.

Start a Cleaning Business

This is one of the easiest ways to get rolling. Create a Facebook status asking anyone if they need their home cleaned. This is a tough job but you can easily make $20 an hour cleaning homes. If you are able to land a couple of business clients you can make even more.

Sell Stuff on eBay


Old iPads, iPhones, laptops and other various items that could be laying around your house can bring in some serious cash.


Again, if you aren’t afraid of hard work, you can easily bring in $2,000. If you are willing to spend a day or two every week mowing grass then you can rack up that amount of money over the summer easily.

Wait Tables and Bartend Over the Weekend

If you are great with people then this is a great opportunity to rake in some cash. Working Friday and Saturday night bartending can bring in and extra $400 to $500 or more depending on how busy the restaurant is. The best thing about it is it’s cash directly in your pocket. On a good night, you can have $300 in your pocket at the end of your shift.

Get into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you sell someone else’s product and get paid a commission for it. You use a link to their product which identifies that you are the one who is bringing traffic to the website.

So how do you get people to buy the stuff? You can create a website, advertise on social media or do email marketing.

One way to do it is by creating a Facebook page or group and share some viral memes to get the page growing and once you have an audience you can start pitching products from Amazon or eBay and get paid to do so when you are a part of their affiliate program. Best Buy has an affiliate program, so that’s definitely something worth checking out.

Walking Dogs

Dog lovers have a quick path to making some cash. Many people are very busy and would love for you to come and take their dog for a walk while they are away for the day. If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of dogs this is a great opportunity. You might even meet more clients while you are out walking the dogs, especially if you take them to a dog park.

Flipping Items From Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace

Sometimes you can find some extremely underpriced items on Facebook marketplace. You can buy these items at a discounted price and then turn around and flip them on eBay or Amazon. Some products don’t have a high value in extreme locations and you are able to snatch it up at that price and sell it to someone in another location who finds it to be much more valuable.

Let’s Get Started – Pick a Way and You Will Figure Out How to Make 2000 Dollars Fast

Alright, the only thing left is for you to take action. All of the options on this list are completely viable ways to make 2000 dollars in varying amounts of time. These are all things that can be done in addition to a job you already have.

So which option is best for you? Pick one and start mastering it and you will be making more money before you know it. Any of these 13 methods will suffice and get you on the path to figuring out how to make 2000 dollars fast.

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