How Many Subscribers Do I Need For Affiliate Marketing

How Many Subscribers Do I Need For Affiliate Marketing?

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Many people have misconceptions about making money on YouTube. If you are trying to make money on YouTube with the YouTube monetization program then you need 1,000 subscribers and thousands of watch hours. If you’re asking the question, “How many subscribers do I need for affiliate marketing?” then that is a totally different ballgame. Let’s get into it and talk about the potential you have on YouTube with affiliate marketing.

Can I Monetize My Channel Without 1,000 Subscribers?

Yes, you can monetize your channel without 1,000 subscribers. This is the beautiful thing about affiliate marketing. As soon as you publish a video to YouTube with your affiliate link, the affiliate commission can start coming. Now, this won’t be easy, but if you target the right keywords and make videos that people watch, enjoy and trust, then you can get affiliate earnings rolling in way before 1,000 subscribers are reached.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In case you’re completely new to affiliate marketing, let me get you a quick definition of what it is so you have a good understanding.

Affiliate marketing allows you to sell someone else’s product and make a commission for your efforts. For instance, you can join the Amazon Associates Program. This allows you to get paid a commission for selling the products on Amazon.

amazon associates program

How does Amazon know that it’s you that sold the product? After all, people go to Amazon every day and purchase products, how does Amazon know that YOU were the person who sent them to the Amazon website or app? Well, when you join the Amazon Associates Program, it allows you to create specific links that let Amazon know that YOU are the person who brought them to their Amazon properties.

Amazon pays one of the lowest affiliate commission percentages out there. For many products, you get paid 1% of the total sales of the person you brought to the site. Depending on what type of products you are promoting, this can be a very small amount of money. For instance, if you are reviewing $10 phone cases, you will make ten cents for each case you sell. But on the bright side, you get paid commission for any other products the people buy from Amazon that day, so it does give you more upside.

It’s important to find the right affiliate program for you. If you are selling a low-ticket item then it’s a good idea to find an affiliate program that pays higher than 1%. If you’re wondering how much your affiliate marketing yearly income can be, the sky is literally the limit, no matter which niche you are in.

Conclusion – You Can Start with YouTube Affiliate Marketing Today!

The key to any YouTube channel success story is getting started. Each video you make will be better than your last. Instead of speculating and trying to figure out your best plan of action, find some affiliate products you can promote on your YouTube channel and start cranking out videos. It might be your first video you make that results in affiliate commission or it might be your one-hundredth video that results in commission (much more likely). Either way you are not making any affiliate commission if you have zero videos posted! It’s time to gets started and make it happen.

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