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Pinterest for Business Course Part 2 – How Many Pins Per Day?

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One of the great questions for Pinterest markers is how many pins per day should one account post? This depends a lot on your current situation.

Really, the number of pins you post per day depends on you. You should shoot for 10 pins at a minimum, but whatever you settle on make sure you do it consistently. While I say shoot for 10, if all you can handle is 5, then go for 5. Come on, though.  Don’t go any lower than 5.

If you can do 20 every day, then do 20 every day. For more information on how to decide how many pins per day, check out this video:

If you want to check out another opinion on pins per day, Kate from Simple Pin Media takes  a deep dive and says that anywhere from 10 to 30 is a good number. She says “I simply do not see the benefits of pinning much more than 30 pins a day. I believe your time is better spent working on new content and revising old content to appear fresh on Pinterest.”

You might be wondering, how am I going to keep track of all of these pins? We recommend using Tailwind as a scheduler. For $119 a year it gets rid of the headaches you have trying to schedule manually or on the Pinterest website. If that’s not in your budget, that’s fine, but you will need some serious organizational skills.

Now after part one and part two we have your Pinterest profile set up properly and we know how many times we are going to pin per day. Stay tuned because we are getting closer to the fun part.

In part three we are going to show you how to draw inspiration from some of the top pinners out there and have similar success to them. Instead of just creating pins and hoping it works we are going to do a deep dive for a specific keyword and figure out what types of pins are having success in that specific niche. It’s a very important area to have knowledge in, so you don’t wanna miss part three.

In case you missed part 1, you can find it here:

Part 1 – Setting Up Your Pinterest Profile

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