how many affiliates does amazon have

How Many Affiliates Does Amazon Have?

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Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has over a million affiliates worldwide. It’s a great network for someone to use to get into affiliate marketing. That’s more than any other company in the world. And it’s still growing. So just how many affiliates does Amazon have?

The answer is: we don’t really know. Amazon doesn’t release detailed information about its affiliate program. And because the program is so large, it’s difficult to track.

But we do know that Amazon’s affiliate program is huge and continues to grow. So if you’re thinking about joining Amazon’s affiliate program, you’re in good company. There are literally millions of other affiliates out there, all promoting Amazon products.

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What Percentage Do Amazon Affiliates Get?

The percentage Amazon affiliates get varies, but here is a table from their website with the exact affiliate commission percentage per product during a specific timeframe:

Product Category Fixed Commission Income Rates Promotional rates for a limited period (from 4/4/22 to 5/4/22)

Amazon Games 20.00%

Luxury Beauty, Luxury Stores Beauty, Amazon Explore 10.00%

Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 4.00% 6.00%

Office Products 4.00% 6.00%

Kitchen 4.50% 5.50%

Home 3.00% 5.00%

Home Improvement 3.00% 5.00%

Beauty 3.00% 5.00%

Business & Industrial Supplies 3.00% 5.00%

Digital Music, Physical Music, Handmade, Digital Videos 5.00%

Physical Books, Automotive 4.50%

Amazon Fire Tablet Devices, Amazon Kindle Devices, Amazon Fashion Women’s, Men’s & Kids Private Label, Luxury Stores Fashion, Apparel, Amazon Cloud Cam Devices, Fire TV Edition Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV Devices, Amazon Echo Devices, Ring Devices, Watches, Jewelry, Luggage 4.00%

Toys, Furniture, Lawn & Garden, Pets Products, Headphones, Musical Instruments, Outdoors, Tools, Sports, Baby Products, Amazon Coins 3.00%

PC, PC Components, DVD & Blu-Ray 2.50%

Health & Personal Care 1.00% 2.00%

Televisions, Digital Video Games 2.00%

Amazon Fresh, Physical Video Games & Video Game Consoles, Grocery 1.00%

Gift Cards; Wireless Service Plans; Alcoholic Beverages; Digital Kindle Products purchased as a subscription; Food prepared and delivered from a restaurant; Amazon Appstore, Prime Now, or Amazon Pay Places 0.00%

All Other Categories 4.00%

How Much Do Amazon Affiliates Make a Month?

This answer largely depends on how much traffic you are able to generate to your Amazon affiliate links. If you have a lot of traffic, you can make a lot of money. But if you have very little traffic, you probably won’t make very much.

The amount of traffic you need to make a decent income from Amazon’s affiliate program really depends on the niche you’re in. Some niches are much easier to make money in than others. And some niches are so competitive that it’s almost impossible to make any money at all, no matter how much traffic you have.

So if you’re wondering how much Amazon affiliates make a month, the answer is: it varies greatly. Some people make a full-time income from the program, while others only make a few dollars a month. It all depends on your niche, your traffic, and a whole host of other factors. Here you can look at more information on the Amazon affiliate program and how much it pays.

Amazon Associates Program Requirements

In order to join the Amazon affiliate program, you must have a website or blog. You will also need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid tax ID number.

If you do not have a website or blog, you can still participate in the Amazon affiliate program by using their ” Associates Central” tool. This is a great way to get started with the program if you’re not ready to create your own website or blog just yet.

What is the Biggest Affiliate Program?

There is no definitive answer to this question since there are so many affiliate programs out there, and they all have different rules and requirements.

However, we can say with confidence that Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) affiliate program out there. With millions of affiliates and billions of dollars in sales, Amazon’s affiliate program is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

If you’re thinking about joining an affiliate program, Amazon’s program is definitely worth considering.

Conclusion – Get Started With Amazon Associates Today!

From the above information, we can see that the Amazon affiliate program is a great way to earn income if you are able to generate traffic to your links. The amount of money you can make from the program depends on many factors, including your niche, traffic, and other factors. If you meet the requirements and are interested in joining the program, you can do so by creating a website or blog or using their “Associates Central” tool.

You can use this article to look at some examples of affiliate marketing blogs.

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