How Does Facebook Pick Reels for You: Discover the Algorithm Behind Your Feed

Facebook Reels are short-form videos tailored to capture and hold your attention by understanding your preferences and interests. Facebook uses your interactions, past viewings, and engagement with similar content to determine which reels to show you. By integrating fancy features from Instagram Reels and TikTok, Facebook aims to keep you entertained and coming back for more.

When I notice a surge in specific types of videos, it’s because the platform’s algorithms have picked up on my viewing habits. I can even inform these preferences by using options like Show More or See Less, which help personalize the content further.

What’s fascinating about Facebook Reels is how they use a mix of data points to decide what appears in my feed. This includes the pages I follow, the videos I’ve liked, and even the ones I’ve only scrolled past. This ensures a curated, enjoyable watching experience tailored just for me.

How Does Facebook Choose What Reels I See?

A computer algorithm scans user preferences and engagement to select reels for display on Facebook

When I scroll through Facebook Reels, I often wonder how the app decides what to show me. Facebook uses a combination of algorithms and user interactions to make these decisions.

User Interactions: Every time I like, comment, or share a reel, Facebook takes note. These interactions help the platform understand my preferences better.

Watch History: The types of reels I’ve watched in the past also influence what appears in my feed. Watching a lot of cooking videos? I’ll probably see more of them.

Facebook offers controls to customize what I see. By tapping the three-dot menu on a reel, I can choose Show More or Show Less. This feedback adjusts what shows up in my feed.

Engagement Metrics: Facebook analyzes how much time users spend on various reels. If certain reels keep me engaged, similar content will surface more often.

Seeing personalized content is made possible through machine learning. Facebook uses complex models to predict what I might like based on my activity.

Data Collection: The platform collects data from my overall usage of Facebook, including pages I follow and posts I engage with. This data fine-tunes the Reel recommendations.

When I want to directly influence my feed, using the customization tools is effective. Doing so allows Facebook to temporarily adjust the ranking scores of certain reels, tailoring the experience to my tastes.

Finally, Facebook continually updates its algorithms. The more I use the platform, the better it gets at predicting my interests. This often results in a more enjoyable scrolling experience.

How Do I Change What Type of Facebook Reels I See?

To adjust the type of Facebook Reels I see, I can use a few simple methods. First, I need to open the Reels section on Facebook. Then, I can scroll through the Reels until I find ones I want to see more or less of.

I tap the three-dot menu at the bottom of the video player. From there, I can select “Show More” or “Show Less”. This helps Facebook’s algorithm learn my preferences and tailors my feed to what I like to watch.

If there are specific types of Reels I don’t want to see, I can block them. When I find a Reel I don’t like, I tap the three-dot icon and choose “Hide Reel”. This will reduce the chances of similar Reels appearing in my feed.

Additionally, I can manage my Reels by editing their descriptions and changing the audience settings. Facebook allows me to define who can see my Reels, making my feed more personalized.

How to Avoid Specific Types of Facebook Reels

If there are certain types of Reels that you don’t want to see on Facebook, there are several ways you can manage this.

Use the “Hide Reel” Option

When you come across a Reel you don’t like, tap on the three dots icon at the top right corner. Click on “Hide Reel” to signal your disinterest, and you’ll see fewer Reels like it in your feed.

Block Reels from Specific People

If there are friends or pages that frequently share Reels you dislike, you can hide their content. Tap on the three dots icon next to their Reels and select “Unfollow” or “Hide posts.”

Mark Reels as Irrelevant

You can mark Reels as irrelevant by tapping the three dots icon and selecting “Snooze for 30 days” or “Hide post.” This helps Facebook understand what you’re not interested in and adjust your feed accordingly.

Adjust Your Preferences

If you want to be more proactive, head to the settings. Go to Settings > Media > Never autoplay video to prevent Reels from automatically playing, reducing your exposure.

Use Facebook via Browser

Accessing Facebook through a web browser can also help. Reels are often less prominent. This way, you can enjoy your Facebook feed without being interrupted by Reels you don’t want to see.

Using these methods has greatly improved my Facebook experience.

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