Should I Hire a Writer or Create Content Myself?

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When creating a blog there is one major question that needs to be answered. Should you hire a writer or create the content yourself? Let’s get into this and figure out what is the best option for you.

First off, let’s get some questions answered that will determine what is the best path for you.

Can You Afford to Hire a Writer?

This may sound like an obvious question, but let me clarify a little.

Basically anyone can hire a writer. Let’s make this a little more clear: Can you afford to hire a great writer.

Anyone can plunk down a few bucks on Fiverr and get some content. Depending on how you plan to use this content, that’s probably not going to be good enough.

So how much should you spend on content? Well, enough to get content that is better than what you are trying to outrank. There are a lot of variables in the Google search results, but generally the cream rises to the top. If you have the best content, your page will generally elevate to the top of the search results if you help it get some exposure.

Are You Able to Create Quality Content Yourself?

You might be wondering what is standing between you and creating quality content yourself. For many, that is certainly an option. Again, take a look at the content that sits at the top of the Google search results and see if this is something you can outperform.

Maybe you’re not sure whether or not your content is good enough to be featured on your blog. This is a good time to reach out to people and get a second opinion. Ask people who are interested in your niche, people you know who are skilled writers and anyone else who isn’t afraid to hit you with some brutal honesty.

Do You Have the Time to Create Your Own Content?

In order to create high-quality content, it will definitely take some time to do so. Time is money, as they say. If your time better spent on another activity, then maybe it’s a better path to outsource your content.

If you are creating a blog that has a monthly blog post that is very personalized, then that is not a massive time investment. For someone looking to get things moving quickly by putting out four or five 1,000-word articles a week, it’s probably necessary to get some help.

Are You Comfortable Having Someone Else’s Voice on Your Website?

Many personal websites or blogs have a very personalized feel to them. For instance, if you are building your own brand on your blog, it might be weird to have someone else creating the content.

One option would be to only outsource the content where it’s not necessary to have your personal touch on it. For those pieces you could put another name on them.

Three Options for Content Creation

Alright, now that we have went over what you need to think about when it comes to content creation, let’s look at the options. The first two options are obvious, then we have a third option that gives you another angle.

Hire a Writer

So you don’t have the time to write and you have no problem with someone else creating the content for your website? Oh and you have the funds to hire a writer? Great, hire a writer.

You can find them in Facebook Groups, Upwork and my personal favorite writer is SEO Content Hero. Don’t go cheap. I promise you will regret it.

Write the Articles Yourself

I don’t have to explain this one. If you are looking to save some money and willing to put in the time, this is a great option. Put the time in and you will see the results.

Another good thing about writing is your are developing a highly desired skill. If you are a strong writer, put together a portfolio and it gives you the option of another stream of revenue.

A Mixture of the Two

Let’s say you are able to afford cheap content, but not quite the high quality needed for your website. Another option is to purchase some cheap content and spend some time editing it and revamping it. Where it might take you an hour to write an article, you could spend 10 to 20 minutes editing a mediocre article and getting it up to the quality you are looking for. Instead of spending $100 on an article, you could get one for $20 to $30, but you just need to get it started.

Let’s Get Started!

Alright, the main thing here is to not get hung up on this decision. Either start writing or start looking for someone to write for you. Maybe you try writing but it turns up you learn the hard way that it’s not easy and end up outsourcing it.

Good luck cranking out content and getting your affiliate site moving!

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