How to Add Multiple Hashtags on Instagram Story

How to Add Multiple Hashtags on Instagram Story – Get More Traffic on Insta

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Did you know you could put hashtags in your Instagram story? This is something many people are completely unaware of. In this article, we will show you how to add multiple hashtags on your Instagram story and even how to hide them.

Instagram stories go viral just like Instagram posts. If you haven’t been placing hashtags on them then you have been missing out.

It’s very easy to do this. Once you have chosen the photo or video you are using for your story, you simply touch the screen and start typing. You are able to move them around and place them where you want.

The only problem is, you need more than a hashtag or two if you really want to do damage. And if you cram a bunch of hashtags above and below the photo or video, it’s going to look awful!

No need to worry. You can hide the hashtags and even though they are hidden, your post still gets credit for using those hashtags. Check it out in the video below?

How to Hide Hashtags on Instagram

How simple was that? If you are wondering how I found all of these hashtags you can check out this article on how to find the best Instagram hashtags.

There’s another tool to add to your toolbox. It’s important to be getting maximum exposure for not only your Instagram posts, but also your Instagram story.

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