Google Rank Checker – SERPROBOT Review

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When you build numerous websites, checking all of their Google search rankings can be troublesome. In this article, I show you the Google rank checker I use to manage and monitor all of the websites and web properties I run.

You may be wondering why someone can’t just head to Google and search themselves to figure out where their website is ranked. Well, this article is for people who are managing many different properties and need an all-encompassing solution.

First, let me address that Google Search Console, Google Analytics, SEMRush and Ahrefs all work very well for this. If you want to do a deep dive on a single website of yours, then those are three great places to get all of the information you need and then some. But if you have many different websites to bounce around from then you are probably looking for something that makes it more manageable to get all of the information you need on one page.

I Use SERPROBOT As My Google Rank Checker

The Google rank checker I use is Serp Robot. It allows me to log in and view all of the keywords I choose to track the rankings for in one spot. Instead of bouncing around from page to page I can get an overhead view of every keyword I am looking to rank for in one page. When you log in, you are able to see all of the pages you are tracking and a screenshot of how your websites are faring in the Google search results. Here is a snapshot of what you see when you log in. Minus my actual keywords of course. As they say, “The riches are in the niches.”

serp robot screenshot


Daily Google Search Ranking Updates

SERPROBOT updates the Google search rankings for each individual page you choose to track. For each page you can track as many keywords as you would like. SERPROBOT updates these rankings every 24 hours.

Additional to the ranking updates, the screen for each individual web page shows the traffic for each keyword you are tracking. Personally, I find this to be very useful information.

Here is a quick screenshot of what you see when you click on an individual keyword: (Note: This is a random screenshot I pulled from Google.)

serprobot screenshot

Competitor Comparison

When you click on the individual page you are tracking, you are able to see more information on the keywords you are tracking. One cool feature is you can compare your page to different competitors. This gives you the opportunity to be aware of different SEO happenings, such as algorithm changes or see what type of updates competitors are making to their pages.


You are able to set up alerts to where you are notified when there is change for one of your rankings by email. You can set it up to where you are only notified when there is a change or you can set up daily updates by email. Of course, if this is someting you are not interested in, you can simply log in and view your rankings whenever you desire.


SERPROBOT costs $5 per month to track up to 300 keywords. You do not get any discount if you pay annually. You are given a two-week free trial where you can track up to 25 keywords, to see if their product is something you are interested in.

Serpbot – An Alternative to SERPROBOT

Make sure you take a close look between the two words: Serpbot and SERPROBOT. Serpbot is definitely worth taking a look as it offers the ability to track 50 keywords of your choice. You can check it out here.


Google Search Console and Google Analytics are two free Google services that allow you to check your rankings for free. Ahrefs and SEMRush allow you to track your keywords as part of their services, but they are a much, much more expensive monthly fee, over $100.

This product is great for someone who doesn’t have it in their budget to pay for Ahrefs or SEMRush. For just $5 a month you can have a quick summary of how you’re doing in the serps game. It’s a simple Google rank checker that gives you exactly what you need in no time.

Also, I happen to have a subscription to Ahrefs, but still opt to use SERPROBOT. I feel like the interface is great and if all I need is a Google rank checker, it fits the bill perfectly. Within a matter of seconds I have all of the info I’m need and am brought up to speed. To me, having a quick and handy Google rank finder is worth a few bucks a month. Whether you are doing video SEO, website SEO, or whatever, SERPROBOT is a great place to track all of your rankings. To me, it’s the best Google rank checker as far as ease of use and convenience.

Now that you’re tracking those rankings, it’s time to get your site moving up them. Take a look at this Money Robot Submitter tutorial on how to power up the links pointing to your site.

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