Getting Google Traffic on YouTube Case Study – Part 2 – Building Links, Tracking Rankings

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In part 2 of our Getting Google Traffic on YouTube Case Study, I’m going to show you the links I’ve built, how I power those links up and how I am tracking the rankings of my videos. In part 1, I showed you how to get set up and now we’re actually moving forward and building links.

Checking Google Rankings for Your YouTube Videos

Obviously, you can go to and scroll and scroll and scroll, hopefully finding your video in the search results. I have a better solution: SerpRobot

SerpRobot is totally free for the first 14 days. From there on you can keep using it for a very modest $4.99 a month. It’s really nice and gives you all of your Google rankings in one spot. If you have another solution for checking your Google rankings, then by all means keep using it.

So far, all three of my YouTube videos I am attempting to rank have yet to crack the top 200 of their designated Google search results. This does not come as a surprise as we are only about a week in and these are three VERY competitive keywords being targeted. Here is a screenshot from the back office of SerpRobot. I only included one of the keywords, since they are all the same: not in the top 200.

serprobot screenshot

Here are links to the three videos I created and am moving up the rankings:

AC Repair Near Me

Heating Repair Near Me

HVAC Near Me

Alright, now that I’ve shown you that we are not moving up the rankings yet, we have been getting some hits to the videos.

So what have I done so far as building backlinks? First, I have built 101 YouTube auto-embeds. If that is not something you are familiar with, you can learn how to create your own YouTube embeds by clicking here.

Not only did I create those embeds, but I charged them up with Scrapebox and GSA. I built 100k backlinks with both GSA and Scrapebox that point to my 1010 auto-embeds.

Additionally, I ran Money Robot campaigns for each of the three videos. For the heating repair near me video Money Robot built 3,725 video embeds, for the HVAC near me video there were 7,374 video embeds built and the AC repair near me video campaign is still running. If you want to see how I set up my Money Robot campaigns, click here to find out. The next thing I’ll do is charge these embeds up with Scrapebox and GSA. Eventually, I will make a video on how to do this, but in the meantime there are videos on how to use Scrapebox and GSA everywhere. You do not need both. If you are just getting started, I would advise you to purchase Scrapebox and start powering up your embeds with it. Here is an excellent tutorial for anyone just getting started with Scrapebox.

Case Study Part 2 Summary

To summarize what we accomplished in part 2, we are now tracking the Google rankings of the videos, we have auto-embeds and have built Scrapebox and GSA links to help get them indexed and finally we have ran Money Robot campaigns for each of the three videos.

What’s next? We will build Scrapebox and GSA links to the Money Robot embeds and continue adding more auto-embeds. Stay tuned until next time when we update on the Google rankings as well as an update on the embeds we are building.

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