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How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube with Facebook Groups

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If you’re not using Facebook groups to grow your YouTube channel, you’re missing out. In this article I’m going to show you how to get more subscribers on YouTube with Facebook groups. (If you are a visual learner scroll to the bottom to check out the video.) 

I get it, it’s 2021 and we’re all tired of Facebook. They’ve been caught selling our info a hundred times, they’ve killed our business pages, whatever your reason may be, they are all valid. 

But despite this, you’re missing out if you aren’t taking advantage of Facebook pages. Odds are, if you use Facebook you are probably aware of Facebook groups. There is a Facebook group for literally everything. No matter what your YouTube channel is about you can probably find a Facebook group related to it. 

So that’s it, right? Wrong! You need to have a gameplan when building your YouTube channel with Facebook groups. 

What Kind of Group to Join

First let’s talk about the kind of group you want. Well, obviously you want to find groups in your niche. Captain obvious here. So you know what kind of groups to get into. Let’s talk about what kind of groups you DON’T want to get into. Don’t get into any “New YouTubers” or “Subscribe 4 subscribe” groups. For one thing, these groups are filled with spam and nonsense. And for another thing, these are the exact kind of subscribers you don’t want. Subscribers who probably aren’t even interested in the content you are creating. If you get in groups in your niche you will have an audience of people genuinely interested in your content, which is incredibly important as a YouTuber. 

You want to find active groups. When you search for your groups it shows you how many members are in each group and it also shows how many posts per day happen in each group. Any group with over 100 users and getting a few posts a day is a good candidate. Don’t be too picky when it comes to choosing groups to try to get into. Remember, if a group isn’t getting much interaction then you can leave it without any issue. Odds are they won’t even realize it. 

Here is what you can see when you search for groups on desktop. As you can see, it shows you the number of members as well as how many posts per day or week:

facebook groups

How to Approach Posting in the Groups – Slow and Steady

Okay so now you are in a few groups and ready to start spamming your YouTube videos all over them. I mean, this group is all about your content you’ve made, right? Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down!

If you want long-term success in the group you need to build a strong presence in the groups. Instead of coming in hot and immediately placing links to your videos, you should make a post introducing yourself. I would advise holding off on mentioning the YouTube channel right away. If someone asks you a question and you have a video that addresses the question, that’s a great way to introduce your YouTube channel. 

Besides the introduction post, be sure to engage with fellow members of the group. Answer any questions they have, but don’t start sharing your videos right away. It’s a good idea to build up your reputation in the group before you start posting those videos. After you have had some engagement among the group and have familiarized yourself with the admins and moderators, then you can start sharing those vaunted YouTube videos. You can even put in a disclaimer that says “not sure if this is permitted, if not just let me know and I apologize” or something like that. 

Once you get familiar with the group and see how things operate you can obviously adjust your approach. Odds are, if you make content that is relevant to the group, you will be free to share your YouTube videos in the group as much as you’d like. It’s just good to establish yourself in the group and build your reputation before doing so. Not only does this make it less likely you get banned from the group, but it also greatly increases the chance that people in the group will actually watch your videos and subscribe to your channel. 

Now obviously this is just one approach. The other approach is a numbers game and just join as many groups as you possibly can and start firing up your Tube videos. That’s not an approach I would use, but it will involve much less work and as a result most likely much less success, but to each his own. 

So you’re ready to go and start joining groups. If you follow the game plan I outlined you will have another great tool in your YouTuber toolbox. 

Get More Subscribers on YouTube with Facebook Groups

Also, you may be wondering, if you know so much about groups, then why don’t you show me your group? Sure, here is my Facebook group I made most recently. You are welcome to join and share food pics and memes until you are blue in the face. At the time of posting this article it was over 500 members and you can see in the image below it started April 20, 2021:

facebook group growthNot trying to brag, just showing you what can be done with a little work. As far as showing how many of these have turned into subscribers, I cannot prove that, but I do know after I’ve shared YouTube videos in the group, I have seen an uptick in YouTube subscribers. If you follow my gameplan, you will undoubtedly grow your Facebook group and get more subscribers on YouTube.


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