How to Get Instagram Followers

How to Get Instagram Followers

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In this installment of Building a Social Media Empire, we will discuss how to get Instagram followers and how to use them as an asset for your business.

Why do I Need an Instagram following?

Many people overlook the importance of Instagram. I’ve been guilty of this myself. What good is it to show photos to people? You can’t make any money doing that. Well, that would be a bad assumption. There are many ways to monetize Instagram. Did you know once you get 10,000 followers you are able to post a link in your Instagram story? That’s an incredible weapon! Also, before you get to 10,000 followers you can simply post a photo of something you are looking to sell or promote and then include the old “link in bio” on the post and get people to your website of choice.

Why Not Just Buy Instagram Followers?

We are not going to be buying followers from Fiverr or anything crazy like that. Most of the time these followers are fake and there is next to no benefit to having fake followers. The only benefit is that you can get to the magic number of 10,000 followers by buying some, but there will be very little value to this if most of the followers are fake.

Interaction is Key

First off, you aren’t going to build your following by just opening the account. You probably won’t even get many if you just open the account and post a couple photos a week. You have to get deeper than that.

One simple strategy you can use to build your Instagram following is Gary Vaynerchuk’s $1.80 strategy. Here is a video on how you can get started on the $1.80 strategy:

This is something that will pay dividends quickly, but if you want to build a serious presence on Instagram, it’s something you need to commit to long term.

Run an Instagram Giveaway

One way to gain exposure on Instagram is by giving something away. Try to think of something you can give away that will get your following excited. It could be something worth a couple bucks up to hundreds of dollars. A viral giveaway is something that can grow your following exponentially.

You just post a photo of whatever you are giving away and then you create requirements to make them eligible for the giveaway. For instance you can have them follow your Instagram account, tag a friend or two and share the photo of the giveaway. Make sure they tag your Instagram account in the repost.

Before you go out and give something away that costs hundreds of dollars, be sure to do a test run with something of less value. If it gets exposure then go ahead and try with something better. You don’t want to blow a bunch of money on giving something away that doesn’t get your following excited. Neil Patel wrote a very useful article on the best Instagram contest ideas.

Another option is to run a paid ad to your giveaway post to get more exposure. About paid ads…

Paid Ads to Build Your Instagram Following

Another way to build your Instagram following or get more eyeballs on a specific Instagram post is by using paid ads.

This is a very broad topic that has a steep learning curve. Really, the only way to get good at paid advertising on Instagram (or any platform, really) is by getting in there and split testing and figuring out what works. There’s push-button secret to getting new followers for a penny each or anything like that.

Here is a video that shows you how to create Instagram ads for beginners:

Using FollowLiker to Build an Instagram Following

I’m going to preface this strategy by saying this is not something I implement myself, but it is very effective. How do I know this? Because at one point this was a staple of my Instagram strategy. Why is it no longer a part of my strategy? It is against the terms and conditions of Instagram and by using it you risk having your account banned.

That said, if you use it in moderation, it can go a long way to growing your Instagram following quickly. What does it do? It can do all of the mindless Instagram tasks automatically. It’s basically a bot that can follow, unfollow, like, unlike and anything else you want it to do.

Like I said, you must use moderation. If you jump in and have it follow 1,000 accounts a day and like 1,000 more your Instagram account is probably going to get banned quickly. If you have the software follow 50 to 100 accounts per day and like the same amount of posts it will give your followers count a good daily boost.

I mentioned FollowLiker can unfollow and unlike. Why would you do this? Well, for unfollowing people this avoids you from having 10,000 following and 800 followers. You can set it to where you unfollow people that don’t follow you back in a set amount of days. Three days is a good option to set this to. As far as unliking posts, this is a feature I’ve never used, but the reason for doing this would be to avoid having 50,000 likes. I don’t see much value in this, but maybe others do.

As stated earlier, this isn’t a process we use anymore as we are rule followers, but there is no denying its effectiveness.

Get Started Today!

The main takeaway from this is you need to get started today. In many instances people decide Instagram is useless. This is insane. So many people use Instagram. No matter what niche you are in there are Instagram users who are into it.

Now that you know how to get Instagram followers and start building your Instapresence, you have no excuse to not get started!

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