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Free Pinterest Scheduler vs Paid Pinterest Scheduler

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In this blog post we are going to discuss the different things to look at when considering a free Pinterest scheduler vs a paid Pinterest scheduler. The free option we will be examining is using the actual Pinterest official website to pin while the paid option we prefer is Tailwind.

Free Pinterest Schedulers

Alright, we are going to start off with the free options for scheduling Pins. The free options we go over will be the official Pinterest website, Hootsuite and Later.

Using the Pinterest Website to Schedule Pin on Pinterest

So, you are going to use a free scheduler on Pinterest, will this prevent you from having success with Pinterest marketing? Absolutely not! In fact, if you are used to using the Pinterest official website, then you might even find it easier to use this option.

Odds are when you post new pins to Pinterest, you make them available immediately. In order to use the scheduling technique on the website, you will just make one slight adjustment to schedule it instead of pin it immediately.

Instead of clicking publish, you click the radio button that says “publish at a later date” and then choose when you want this pin to be published. Here is a quick tutorial showing you how to do this:

That’s easy enough, right? Here are some more things to know about using the Pinterest website as a scheduler:

  • Schedule up to 30 pins that are up to two weeks in advance
  • This can only be used with business accounts
  • When using this method you cannot use the Pinterest browser extension
  • Cannot schedule with “save from site”

Hootsuite – Schedule 30 Free Pins with No Time Limit

Hootsuite has a free plan which allows up to three social media profiles and 30 scheduled pins at a time. Unlike the Pinterest website there is no timeframe for when these pins can be scheduled. You could use them all up in a day or do one a day for 30 days.

Here is a quick video on how to publish pins with Hootsuite.

You can also source and edit images in Hootsuite. Also you can resize, crop, add text, change the filter and more. You can sign up for a Hootsuite free plan here.

Later – Schedule 30 Free Pins a Month

Later is the third free Pinterest scheduler. You are able to schedule 30 pins out for up to 30 days. Also, you can upload your images, drag them to the calendar. You can also save and reuse pin descriptions with this program. This is a feature that is unique to Later.

Since Later is more geared toward Instagram, you must sign up with an Instagram account to use this program. You can learn how to get started with Later by clicking here.

Conclusion – Best Free Pinterest Scheduler

In our opinion, the best free Pinterest scheduler is using the Pinterest website. We design our pins in Canva so the features in Hootsuite aren’t necessary for us. And overall we found Later to be underwhelming. So that leaves the Pinterest official website as our top choice.

Tailwind – The Best Paid Pinterest Pin Scheduler

Now if you can fit a paid Pinterest scheduler in your budget, then Tailwind is absolutely the one you should go for. If you want to dive in and check it out, they do offer a free trial.

So while the free trial gives you a chance to check things out, you might not have time to learn about all of the best features in Tailwind.


With the free Pinterest schedulers you can only schedule so many pins or so far in advance. With Tailwind you can schedule as many Pins as you want per day to go along with scheduling as many days out as you want.

On top of that you can define your schedule. You get to pick the exact time you want to schedule each day of the week. Check it out:

tailwind schedule

Analytics and Reporting

Tailwind gives you an analytics and reporting dashboard that helps you have success. You can see the engagement with your account as a whole as well as with individual pins. You can also look at the engagement each of your boards is getting.

Pin Inspector

As you can probably guess by the name this allows you to take a deep dive into each pin. It shows their engagement, including how many times they were re-pinned and more. It also allows you to re-pin with the Tailwind scheduler, add the pines to a tribe (which you’ll learn more about soon) and also find similar content.

Weekly Email Reports

Each week Tailwind sends you an email that gives you detailed information on how your Pinterest account is doing on Tailwind. This is a great thing as it gives you a pulse on what is and isn’t working with your Pinterest marketing.

Tailwind Tribes

This is an incredible part of your membership at Tailwind. Tribes are groups of Pinterest accounts that are in your niche. For interest, if you are in the baking niche, you can join a baking tribe where everyone in the group re-pins each other’s baking pins.

This is a major asset as it basically insures you will get re-pins on your new Pinterest postings.

If you are worried about finding a tribe in your niche, fear not. There is a search option which allows you to find the exact type of tribe you are looking for. Worst case scenario you will have to find a more general Pinterest tribe such as “cooking” or “travel.” But as long as you are creating quality pins you will have no issue getting your pins shared in the tribe.

Conclusion – Free or Paid Pinterest Scheduler?

Obviously it depends on the situation. As soon as my budget allowed it I moved on to Tailwind and have never looked back. It caters to all my Pinterest needs and allows me to have Pinterest success with several different accounts.

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