Display Advertising vs Affiliate Marketing

Display Advertising vs Affiliate Marketing

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Display advertising and affiliate marketing are two of the most popular online marketing strategies. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but which one is right for you? Here’s a look at display advertising vs affiliate marketing and the pros and cons of each.

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Display Advertising


-Can be highly effective in reaching target audiences

-Allows for a lot of creativity and customization

-Can be relatively affordable


-May be less effective than other forms of online marketing

-Requires a lot of planning and coordination

-May be difficult to track results

-Less control over your website

Display advertising allows you to monetize blog posts where you don’t have an exact product in mind to promote. It also allows you to focus on creating content and not worry about finding and testing all of the top products out there.

While you are able to monetize every single page on your website with display advertising, you may not get the amount of money you would get from affiliate commission. So it becomes a balancing act. Would you rather create every article with a product in mind or just put up as much useful content as possible and let the ad networks monetize it.

Another thing to worry about is when products you don’t approve of are being advertised on your website. This is something you need to monitor if you are concerned. Many just chalk it up to being part of the deal, no need to try to manage who advertises on your site, but if a company you are strongly against puts up an ad on your site, that’s a problem.

Affiliate Marketing


-Can be an effective way to reach target audiences

-Is often less expensive than display advertising

-Can be easier to track results


-May require more work to set up and maintain

-May not be as effective in reaching certain audiences

-Results may vary depending on the affiliate program

There is an affiliate offer out there for everything. No matter what your brand promotes, you can find relevant affiliate offers that relate to it. Maybe promoting an affiliate offer on every article on your site feels a bit pushy. One option is to just throw up a banner ad in the middle of your articles pointing to the affiliate offer. Some industries are easier than others when it comes to promoting a product on every single page.

Building an Email List

No matter which tactic you are using, you should make sure to build an email list so you can use it to promote new content and special offers to your subscribers. Maybe you have readers who have only seen your informational posts and don’t realize you have reviewed a product that would greatly help them. The email list can be a bridge to get all of your information to more people.

Why Not Try a Mixture of Both?

Using a mix of display advertising and affiliate marketing is an excellent option. Many would say that a display advertisement on a page that’s already promoting an affiliate offer is a bit much. That’s a fair point. One option is to put ads only on the pages where there is no affiliate offer. For instance, if it’s an informational post and you want to monetize it without pushing an affiliate offer, that’s a great option.

There are many sites out there that have affiliate offers and display ads on every page. Most people realize that ads are part of the deal when it comes to the internet.


In closing, it really depends on what you’re looking to get out of your online marketing efforts. If you want more control over the products being promoted on your site, affiliate marketing may be a better option. If you’re looking for a passive way to monetize your content, display advertising may be the way to go. Try out both and see which one works better for you.

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