Building a Social Media Empire

Building a Social Media Empire

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It seems like I learned how to build followings on all of the social media platforms one by one. First it was Facebook. Then Twitter. Finally I got around to Instagram and Pinterest. Those are my four pillars of social media for my affiliate sites. Sure, there are other social media sites that will fit certain niches, but usually those are the four you need. Pinterest will sometimes not be a good bit, but the other three you certainly need. YouTube is another big one, but we are going to consider that its own entity as video marketing is much different than these standard social media platforms.

In this series we are going to go over what it takes to build a following on the four different platforms. I will go over what I have found to be successful in the years I have spent experimenting with them. Above I mentioned that these are the four pillars for affiliate sites. If you are building something besides an affiliate site, you will still want to have a strong social media presence. Some of the tips and tactics in this will work better for specific types of sites, but no matter what kind of site you have this guide will give you an action plan toward getting things going socially.

The most important thing I want you to take away from this series on building a social media empire is this: TAKE ACTION.

In the past I’ve had affiliate sites where I have 500,000 followers on Facebook and then a combined 500 on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Why? Because Facebook was working best and I gave up on the others. While the other social media accounts didn’t explode overnight like Facebook, if there would have been content going up daily, these accounts would have grown and been a part of the social presence for the site. It would have put my products in front of more eyeballs.

So yeah, make sure you fire up all of the social media accounts and start building them right from the beginning. Not just the ones that come the easiest or the ones that seem the most relevant.

Let’s get started.

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