Becoming a YouTuber – Choosing a Niche and Getting Started

In a move that was very popular during 2020, I decided to try my hand at becoming a YouTuber. For all of the different projects I’ve taken on in my life, there has never been a true “passion project.” Well, this was going to be it.

If only I had decided to pursue this YouTube thing in 2019, heck if we really wanna dream, why not 2015?

I have a YouTube channel for SEO Sorcerer, but that was made more to create resources for my blog. This other YouTube channel was made strictly for the purpose of me getting to talk about one of my passion and in an attempt to build a massive following and generate revenue through AdSense revenue that comes directly from people viewing my videos.

My YouTube channel is  Food Supremacy. After thinking long and hard, I determined that food is my passion.

Choosing a Niche

choosing a niche

Throughout all of the online ventures I took on in my life, there was always one consistency: none of them were a passion of mine. You may wonder why I would only focus on things I’m not passionate about. Well, there are many different reasons. When I first started with internet marketing I was dabbling in all different niches. I chose them based on what I thought would succeed. From the health and dieting niche to antiques to government, I ran through different niches having varying degrees of success. None of them were something I wanted to put my name on and stand behind. I didn’t want any of those topics to define who I am. Looking back it was a mistake, but you live and learn.

So let’s get into what I think is important when choosing a niche.

Follow Your Passion

You could probably feel that coming after what I previously wrote. This is something you’re going to be talking about in front of a camera. It’s hard to give off a genuine vibe in front of a camera when you’re not speaking from the heart. If you don’t believe me, give it a try. See how much time it takes to make a video about something you’re an expert on and then see how long a video takes that’s about a topic you aren’t versed on at all.

Choose Something You’re Proud Of

You want a niche that you’re proud to speak of. Take my food YouTube channel. I have no shame in sharing the videos on my personal social media accounts. If it comes up in casual conversation, I have no problem telling anyone about my YouTube venture. Now, compare that to my SEO Sorcerer YouTube channel. It’s not for everyone. Someone who is not into internet marketing is going to fall asleep 30 seconds into the video. So if you can find something you’re proud of and something that appeals to a large percentage of the population, that makes getting off the ground and promoting it much easier.

Niche Down!

Niche down, what the heck does that mean? Get your niche to be a little more specific. Pretty hypocritical of me since my new channel is all about food. Well, I’m letting you learn from my mistakes. Don’t just make your channel about food, make it about a specific type of food or diet.

What Gear Do You Need?

Camera and Lighting

Let’s make one thing clear. You are not going to have pro-level video when you start up as a YouTuber. Instead of waiting until you can save up for the best camera and lighting, just go buy one of those ring lights and use your camera. Click here to get one from Amazon. (this is an affiliate link and I can be paid a commission at no extra charge to you, if you use it.)

Obviously if you have some money available for this, you can start up with a better setup. That’s not my specialty, but there are plenty of great people to follow when it comes to video production.

The important thing is you get this thing going. Start shooting videos as soon as possible. Every video you will get better. Every video you will learn something. Look at any YouTuber’s videos they are putting out now and then compare them to their first couple of videos. In most instances, the improvement is incredible.

Graphic Design Software

As far as creating thumbnails and other graphics, I use Canva (Affiliate Link). It’s very easy to use and has a free version as well as a paid (pro) version. You can give the pro version a test run with a free trial.


No More Waiting, Get Started Today!

The most important advice you can take from this is to get started as soon as you can. If you keep waiting for the perfect time you are missing out on creating and uploading videos. In the case of creating video, experience is the best teacher. The number one obstacle between you and becoming a YouTuber is making that first video.