Using Auto-Embeds to Optimize Your YouTube Video for Google

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When it comes to optimizing your YouTube video for Google search, there are many different paths to take. Auto-embeds are a quick, easy way to establish some authority with Google and get organic traffic to your website.

How to Find Auto-Embeds

  1. Search Google for the video ID that can be found in the URL of any YouTube video immediately following ?v= in the URL of the YouTube video. Simply and copy and paste that code and search google with: allinurl: My2FRPA3Gf8
  2. You will now find different websites that have the video you searched for embedded in their website. In order to use the auto-embeds, simply change the YouTube video ID in the URL to the YouTube video ID of your choice.

Check out our video for more details on how to find auto-embeds:

How to Index Auto-Embeds

There are three different ways to index auto-embeds.

  1. Use an indexing service, such as Index Inject or Omega Indexer. (***These links and others in this article could be affiliate links. If you use them to make a purchase I will make a commission at no extra charge to you.)
  2. Use Scrapebox or GSA to index the auto-embeds yourself.
  3. Purchase a Scrapebox, Xrumer or GSA blast on Fiverr.

In the YouTube video I said I would suggest some Fiverr gigs you can purchase in order to get your auto-embeds indexed. Remember, these gigs come and go so if one of the links no longer works, email me so I can find a replacement as soon as I can.

I will make a blast 1 million blog comment backlinks for SEO

I will create 5000 moz high da pa, dofollow, edu and gov backlinks

Either of these Fiverr packages will do a great job of getting your auto-embeds indexed. If you have the budget, you can take the entire process and outsource it on Fiverr. You should be able to find some auto-embed providers with a quick search. However, I advise you to learn how to handle the process yourself as it gives you a better chance to master the process and be more effective with it.

Remember, when you find auto-embeds, be sure to save them in a Google Sheet. Eventually, you can have thousands of the saved up and simply replace every YouTube video ID in your spreadsheet of auto-embed websites. When you are able to get thousands of auto-embeds indexed it gives your chosen YouTube video a very strong push in the Google search results.

To Get You Started Here Are Some FREE Auto-Embeds

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