april 2020 monthly income report

April 2020 Monthly Report – Traffic, Social and Revenue Update

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Alright, April was our first month in full swing at SEO Sorcerer. Because of that, we are going to release our first monthly report. The April 2020 monthly report!

If you are familiar with this type of business then you shouldn’t be surprised there was zero revenue for the month. This report will also be documenting more than just revenue. Good thing, right?

Income Report

Disclaimer: I included affiliate links to each affiliate program. If you click on them and make a purchase I will be paid a commission at no extra charge to you. 

April 2020 Monthly Income: $0

Tailwind Affiliate Program: $0

Simple Pin Affiliate Program: $0

Fiverr Affiliate Program: $0

Canva Affiliate Program: $0

Flick Affiliate Program: $0

Best Buy Affiliate Program: $0

Email Marketing

I started gathering emails but have not put them into an email marketing platform.

Email List Subscribers: 22 (+22)

Google Analytics Report

Pageviews: 119

Organic Search Pageviews: 11

Pages With Most Pageviews

34 – How to make $2000 Fast

12 – Getting Started with Pinterest Marketing

10 – Instagram Engagement in 2020

Organic Keyword Traffic

9 – (not provided)

1 – amazon

1 – instagram story multiple hashtags

Social Traffic

Social Pageviews: 72

Pinterest: 62

Facebook: 5

Instagram: 2

Reddit: 1

Twitter: 1

YouTube: 1

Social Media Report


Total Followers: 13 (+13)


Total Page Likes: 6 (+6)

Posts: 3

Total Reach: 10 (LOL)


Followers: 0

Tweets: 0

Total Reach: N/A


Subscribers: 84 (+84)

Unique Viewers: 184 (+184)

Watch Time Hours: 13.4 (+13.4)

Videos Published: 6 (+6)


Impressions: 50.28k (+50.1k)

Total Audience: 45.69k (+45.67k)

Engagement: 876 (+861)

SEOSorcerer.com Link Clicks: 30 (+29)

Overview and May Goals

Alright, with this being my first report it was kind of a learning experience. Moving forward there will definitely be some additions and subtractions in these reports. And hopefully fewer ZEROES.

Each month I will address three or more things I will be focused on for the upcoming month.

Three May Focal Points of SEO Sorcerer

  1. Facebook and Twitter – This one is easy. Start sharing all of my blog posts and YouTube videos on Facebook and Twitter. That’s all.
  2. Create a lead magnet for my email list – I know what this is going to be but I will wait until next month to share it.
  3. Start creating high-quality videos – I purchased a Sony Camera, lighting and a tripod and also tapped into my buddy Chris at Drip Media Gaming, so the videos should be much, much better starting with the next one. If you would click here and subscribe it would mean the world to me.

Alright so despite zero earnings, we have a much more solid plan of action for the future of SEO Sorcerer. We are going to build an email list and target people who are interested in Pinterest for business.

If you’ve made it this far thanks for joining me for the April 2020 monthly report. Hopefully next month I can share some much more exciting results with you. And you’ll be able to say you were with me from the beginning.

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