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Building Affiliate Site with WordPress – Part 1 – Getting Started

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Alright, so you’re ready to get started with building an affiliate site with WordPress, but aren’t sure where to begin? We got you, fam!

The first thing we are going to do in part 1 is choose a niche, purchase a domain, get hosting and installing WordPress. Once you do all of these things you are ready to start shaping your website, making it look how you want and creating content that makes you money.

First, let’s cover the basics!

Step 1 – Choose a Niche

Very simple. Ideally, it will be something you are passionate about. For instance, if you are super into video games, you can make it something video game-related.

Niche Down

Like I said if you want to make your affiliate site about video games, that’s great. But ideally, you will niche down a little bit. For instance, you can make a website about Nintendo Switch games, first-person shooter games, etc. You could also make it about Nintendo Switch carrying cases.

The beauty of the internet is the massive audience you get to put your site in front of. While Nintendo Switch cases may seem like a small audience, let me show you something very quickly to prove otherwise.

Here is a screenshot from Ahrefs of some keyword research related to Nintendo Switch carrying cases:

nintendo switch carrying case

The numbers above are the total of monthly searches for each of these keywords. So 7,200 people search for Nintendo Switch carrying case on Google. This doesn’t even count the different, more specific searches below. Nintendo Switch accessories gets 28,000 searches and Nintendo Switch case gets 26,000! This niche gets plenty of traffic to be targeted with a website.

Odds are you have something you are passionate about that people are searching for on Google. Make that your niche. Don’t complicate things!

Step 2 – Buy a Domain and Hosting

I’m not going to get too deep into the domain and hosting purchase. Ideally, I suggest you purchase a .com domain. Since most of these are taken you have to be creative.

It’s easiest to purchase your domain and hosting at the same time. Go with the “starter” package at Namecheap, Netfirms or your website of choice. I prefer Namecheap as they give you free WhoisGuard Privacy Protection with each domain purchase.

If you need specific information on how to purchase a domain and add hosting on Namecheap, check out this video.

Step 3 – Install WordPress

Installing WordPress is dependent on who your hosting provider is. A quick Google search will get you all of the information you need on installing WordPress.

Now You’re Ready to Rock!

Alright, make sure you don’t get hung on this part of the process. Pick a niche, domain, get hosting and install WordPress. Get this taken care of as we have much bigger fish to fry when it comes to building your first affiliate site!

Once you have this completed and ready to move on, click here to start part 2 of building an affiliate site.

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