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SEO Sorcerer Tools

In addition to our awesome on-page SEO checker we also host these other tools.

Sitemap Generator

Point the script at your site, it will crawl it and then build a Sitemap.xml file for you.

Sitemap Generator

Page Comparison

This tool provides a side-by-site page comparison, showing directly the differences in metrics for the two pages.

Compare Pages

Site Audit

This tool crawls your site looking for 300, 400 and 500 level errors.

Full Site Audit

Sitemap Checker

Our sitemap checker will verify the contents of your sitemap, all the links.

Sitemap Checker

Webmaster Crawl Errors

This tool takes the data from Google Webmaster Site Errors and checks each one.

Webmaster Site Errors Checker

Security Scanner

This test runs over 32,000 security checks against the web site.

Website Security Tester

Alternative Webmaster & SEO Tools

This is simply a list of other Webmaster and SEO tools and guides that we have found around the Internet.

The collection below details dozens of alternative SEO tools


These guys offer a "free" SEO report, after submitting your contact information. At a cost of $2,499 OTC and the purchasing report credits it's much more expensive than our offering.

Cheetah Analytics

Cheetah Analytics provides a Website Report that ranges in cost from $99 to $999. Their $99 report provides less details than our $50 report. View their offering, then come back here for the real deal.

Monitoring Services

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