Website Quality Assurance & SEO Tests

Details on our 70+ Test Cases

There literally more than 500 known site and on-page factors that search engines like Google & Bing and DuckDuckGo consider for their page ranking. Using SEO Sorcerer you can see where your site ranks among these known factors.

Site Wide Tests

DMOZ Tests


Detects if your site is listed anywhere in DMOZ, a listing here is recommended to demonstrate site authority and reliability

Domain Tests

#2 Domain: Age

Details the age of the domain, older domains are easier to rank higher

#3 Domain: Global TLD

Checks details about the TLD, Google has blessed only a select few

#4 Domain: Lifetime

Details the future expiration time of the domain, many think that longer is better

#5 Domain: Proper SPF Records

High quality sites and domains have proper SPF records

#6 Domain: WHOIS

HTTP Tests

#7 HTTP: Canonical Hostname

#8 HTTP: Custom 404 Page

Host Tests

#9 Host: Port Scan

This report shows the open ports on your server and alerts you to any issues which could leak information or make your site look unprofessional

Link Tests

#10 Link: Baidu Indexed Pages

Checks for the count of site indexed pages in Baidu

Links Tests

#11 Links: Alexa Backlinks

Shows the count of Alexa Backlinks

#12 Links: Bing Backlinks

#13 Links: Google Backlinks

#14 Links: Open Site Explorer Backlinks

#15 Links: Yandex Backlinks

Moz Domain Authority Tests

#16 Moz Domain Authority

Moz Domain Rank Tests

#17 Moz Domain Rank

Moz Linkscape Tests

#18 Moz Linkscape

Moz Page Authority Tests

#19 Moz Page Authority

SEMRush Traffic Tests

#20 SEMRush Traffic

SEMRush Traffic Cost Tests

#21 SEMRush Traffic Cost

SPAM Tests

#22 SPAM: Blacklist

Determines if your domain (or associated servers) is listed in any of the SPAM Blacklists

#23 SPAM: Google Safe Browsing

#24 SPAM: McAfee Site Advisor

#25 SPAM: Norton Safe Search

#26 SPAM: PhishTank Rated

Checks if your page is listed in the PhishTank

#27 SPAM: Web of Trust

Web of Trust provides web site ratings for saftey, being unlisted or unknown may have a negative impact on your Search placement, simply submit your site to be reviewed

SSL Tests

#28 SSL

Checks for Proper SSL and Certificate Chain

Search Tests

#29 Search: Alexa Rank, Home Country

Shows how your site ranks in the website Home Country, this is where most of your traffic will be coming from. Page Language settings affect this more than server location

#30 Search: Alexa Rank, Worldwide

Shows your Alexa Worldwide Rank

#31 Search: Alexa Speed

#32 Search:

#33 Search: Bing Indexed Pages

Shows the count of pages indexed in Bing

#34 Search: Bing SiteAuth

Checks for the presence of the BingSiteAuth file

#35 Search: Compete Rank

#36 Search: Compete Unique Visits

#37 Search: Google Indexed Pages

Provides the count of pages Indexed in Google

#38 Search: Quantcast Traffic Rank

#39 Search: Quantcast Unique Visits

#40 Search: Robots.txt

#41 Search: Sitemap Audit

These test group evaluates the sitemap to ensure it's effective. We can even generate a sitemap for you.

#42 Search: Sitemap Ping

#43 Search: Yandex Indexed Pages

Shows the count of pages indexed in Yandex

Server Tests

#44 Server: IP Information/Location

Social Tests

#45 Social: Stumbleupon

The number of Stumbles your page has received, StumbleUpon is a very popular site for web-discovery and can expose your site to more human traffic.

UX Tests

#46 UX: Favicon

The friendly icon, Favicon.ico, at root and in document head, all the high quality sites have this

browserconfig.xml Tests

#47 browserconfig.xml

Tests for the existance of the BrowserConfig files

Page Level Tests

Advertising Tests

#48 Advertising: AdSense

Checks for AdSense Detection and too many ads on the page or above the fold

Google Analytics Tests

#49 Google Analytics

Detects if Google Analytics is in use

HTML Tests

#50 HTML: CSS Validation

#51 HTML: Doctype

#52 HTML: Encoding

#53 HTML: Frames

Oldschool Frames

#54 HTML: Image Alt and Title Tags

Checks all Images on pages for Alt and Title text, informative and actionable reports

#55 HTML: Meta Canonical Links

#56 HTML: Meta Description

Details Meta Description, Including Lenght and Word Count

#57 HTML: Meta Keywords

Show details and analysis of your Meta Keywords

#58 HTML: Title Length

#59 HTML: Validation

Valid Markup means it will be easy for the Search Robots to evaluate your pages and helps to make sure you content will render consistenly across browsers and devices

HTTP Tests

#60 HTTP: Gzip

#61 HTTP: HTTP Header Dump

#62 HTTP: URL Length

Keywords Tests

#63 Keywords: Keyword Details

Finds top keywords as well as two and three word key-phrase combinations and produces table of the popular keywords and phrases on your site, at this time it works for English only

#64 Keywords: Keyword Trends

A report of the Google Trends of your keywords and phrases

Language Tests

#65 Language

Declared, Detected

Mobile Tests

#66 Mobile: Icons

Check for Mobile Icons for Bookmarking

#67 Mobile: Viewport

Check for Mobile Meta Tags

Optimizely Test Detection Tests

#68 Optimizely Test Detection

SPAM Tests

#69 SPAM: Pornography

Checks the site for pornography indicators, searches hidden text to for malicious links

Search Tests

#70 Search: Google Cache

Checks when your site was last updated in the Google Cache

#71 Search: Google Page Rank

Regarded by many as the single most important SEO Factor, of course our report include this

Social Tests

#72 Social: Delicious

#73 Social: Digg Connector, Diggs Count

Speed Tests

#74 Speed: Inline CSS

Inline CSS should be avoided so that your pages have less duplicated code and respect Content Security Policy

#75 Speed: Page Load Speed

#76 Speed: Page Size

#77 Speed: Using a CDN?

Checks if any of the assets on the page are hosted through a CDN, does not affect rank

Spellcheck Tests

#78 Spellcheck

Hunting keywords is useless if they are spelled incorrectly, this test evaluates the spelling of words on your web-site.

SpyFu Rank Details Tests

#79 SpyFu Rank Details

Our SpyFu integration is not quite complete as of yet