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10 Site/Page Test Groups

When checking the pages our tools analyze the following data-points/metrics. Many of the tests here are not specifically for SEO but also to ensure your site/system is high-quality. We provide a highly detailed view of your system from a search engine view: you will see what they see and know what they know.

Our view on SEO is to make your site high-quality from a engineering/technicial perspective. This will make the search engine crawlers like the site, which gives the site better SERP, which gets more humans, which gets more organic links.

10 Core SEO Test Groups, 90+ Base Test Metrics, 100s of combinations

HTML Analysis & Spider View
Analyze the HTML for validity, check quality and provide a colorized spider output view. Our Wizard ensures that your page does all it can to be standards compliant, this makes the Robots like the page more. This includes both HTML and CSS Validation and over 30 other tests.
URI Evaluation
Performs multiple tests on the given URI, your first impression to the search engines. Evaluates the page specific URI, path length, query parameters, hostname resolution, path-case, HTTP responses and a few other details. Quality of the URI is important, they are displayed directly in the search results.
Search Engine Overview
Gets a count of the number of pages in this domain that are indexed, if you are in an SEO campaign and adding pages these numbers should go up.
Social Media Optimisation Checks
Evaluates the impact of Social services (Facebook, Twitter, etc) on your sites page
HTML & CSS Standards Validation
Validation ensure the page is following all current standards set by the governing bodies of the Internet (like the W3C). A perfect score here means a very well engineered site that will be attractive to robots.
DNS Configuration Analysis
This test examines the configuration in the DNS of your host, this are not entirely necessary for SEO but when set properly demonstrate good systems engineering, doing it right always helps. The DNS has many different record types, we examine your site here in terms of performance and settings.
Page Speed
Checks the speed performance of the loading page
User Agent Content Evaluation
'This User Agent test evaluates pages as recieved by 8 different User-Agents (browsers)'
SPAM/Porn Keyword Finder
This scans your site, and comments (and hidden text) to detect Porn or Spam style links
Port Scan (nmap)
Runs a port scan of the server running the site, results here affect site security and may or may not be used by Search Engines, no body really knows.