The primary goal of SEO Sorcerer is to ensure that web-pages are in compliance of SEO best practices. Create confidence in your site knowing it's ready and following guidelines to help get you to the top of the list.

About 20,000 lines of code power SEO Sorcerer and provide more than a dozen test groups with over 120 check-points.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a fairly simple yet time consuming task. Every SEO expert has their own methods but, this one thing is common: loads of tedious and annoying work checking pages. SEO Sorcerer software automates the monitoring of the issues on your site that could cause negative effects. Call it: SEO Site Watch.

Simply create an account an choose the URLs to monitor for both Search Engine Placement and site-specific compliance with SEO best practices. Reports are available 24h/day from any computer or mobile device. It's also possible to configure Alerts in the SEO Sorcerer that send email notifications when signifigant events occur.

SEO Sorcerer History


Rebranding from "SEO Sorcerer" to "SEO Sorcerer" because the tools do so much more now.


Continued improvement in the core functionality of the site: on-page tests. A complete UI/UX makeover was implemented too.


We've continued to make improvements to the SEO tests as well as improve the report output. A new site design and also an awesome new icon by Alessandro Rei.


The year as just started, since the December 2010 re-work we've reported on over 100 sites. Hoping to clear 100K by the end of the year.


Minor updates to all of our SEO reports throughout the year. We subjected ourselves to a re-design, using a grey/orange scheme, it lasted about 10 months. Not much else happened until December when the site was completely re-worked. And we've now reached a PageRank 3, still with only one inbound link.


We started receiving much more traffic now, with our newly introduced domain gaining to a PageRank of 2/10. Not too bad for such a young domain with zero inbound links. Our SEO checks/tests were updated again, to follow what we've learned through research.


This domain was created and the tools from Edoceo Google Dragon were migrated here. There were some updates to the tools and the site started gaining some footing.

2001 - 2007

This is the dark, distant past for SEO Sorcerer. We started doing SEO type work in 2001 for a client who wanted to rank first for the keyword "tickets". Not easy work, spent three years trying to outrank TicketMaster, Tickets.com, StubHub.com and many others. Early on here we learned that multi-word key-phrases were better than single keywords. The seeds of SEO knowledge where planted.